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This will probably be my last TGIF post for a while. I do these mostly for myself and at this point, week after week of nothing much to report is just boring me. I can’t begin to imagine how dull the posts are for others! I might start ’em up […]

Whoa, almost forgot this. Still boring… Purchases This Week Almost got through the week unscathed, but just today I bought Crusader Kings II for $10 during an Impluse “Flash Sale”. I blame Chris. Played This Week So here’s an interesting thing. I use Raptr to track my time. If I […]

TERA is having more staying power with me than I expected it to, honestly. So another boring wrap-up. Purchases This Week Nothing! Wait, I lie… I bought Ascension for the iPad for 99 cents. Played This Week Last Friday was our first Guild Wars: Eye of the North session and […]

Another short update this week. I guess that’s good news. It means I’m focusing on fewer games and not spending as much money on games that I don’t make full use of. 🙂 Purchases This Week Much to my amazement, I pre-ordered Diablo III this week. I hadn’t really intended […]

This is going to be the shortest TGIF wrap-up yet! Purchases This Week Not a thing! Played This Week A few minutes of the Dragon’s Dogma and The Walking Dead demos on the PS3 Lots of Tera while the open beta was up and running. No gaming at all Tues-Thurs. […]

MMOs are like crack [well, not really, I’ve never done crack but I’m pretty sure MMOs are a lot better for you]. I think I’ve quit the habit and next thing you know I’m sucked back in. Purchases This Week Some Gold to spend in Tribes:Ascend And I switched my […]

Happy Friday the 13th! Wow, I’ve had a crazy gaming week. Going to PAX really re-energized my gamer soul, as well as crumbling my will to resist new games. 🙂 Purchases This Week I pre-ordered both Tera and Guild Wars 2 this week. I pre-ordered Dragon’s Dogman for Xbox 360. […]