TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/25/2012

This will probably be my last TGIF post for a while. I do these mostly for myself and at this point, week after week of nothing much to report is just boring me. I can’t begin to imagine how dull the posts are for others! I might start ’em up again when I find myself juggling a bunch of games.

Purchases This Week
Aside from some extra Hero Academy armies, no new purchases this week.

Played This Week
Raptr says 1 hour of TERA and about half an hour of Diablo 3. I’ve also been playing a lot of Hero Academy and Ascension on the iPad.

Plans for the Week to Come
Hope to fit some TERA into the weekend. I also feel kind of obligated to give Diablo 3 another try in order to understand what all the fuss is about. At this point I’ve only put in 5 hours, which means I’ve paid $12/hour to play. That burns me up! But I just am not feeling any compulsion to continue playing.

I might be on the lookout for some new strategy games to play, too. Real, turn-based strategy games, not “RTS” strategy games that depend on APM or whatever the measurement is. But I need to find something that’s not too complex because I don’t have hours and hours to devote to learning to play. We’ll see.

For my US readers, happy 3 day weekend! To everyone else, happy 2 day weekend!

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  1. If you find any good strategy games, please share! That’s an itch I’d like to scratch.

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