TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/25/2012

This will probably be my last TGIF post for a while. I do these mostly for myself and at this point, week after week of nothing much to report is just boring me. I can’t begin to imagine how dull the posts are for others! I might start ’em up again when I find myself juggling a bunch of games.

Purchases This Week
Aside from some extra Hero Academy armies, no new purchases this week.

Played This Week
Raptr says 1 hour of TERA and about half an hour of Diablo 3. I’ve also been playing a lot of Hero Academy and Ascension on the iPad.

Plans for the Week to Come
Hope to fit some TERA into the weekend. I also feel kind of obligated to give Diablo 3 another try in order to understand what all the fuss is about. At this point I’ve only put in 5 hours, which means I’ve paid $12/hour to play. That burns me up! But I just am not feeling any compulsion to continue playing.

I might be on the lookout for some new strategy games to play, too. Real, turn-based strategy games, not “RTS” strategy games that depend on APM or whatever the measurement is. But I need to find something that’s not too complex because I don’t have hours and hours to devote to learning to play. We’ll see.

For my US readers, happy 3 day weekend! To everyone else, happy 2 day weekend!

TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/18/2012

Whoa, almost forgot this. Still boring…

Purchases This Week
Almost got through the week unscathed, but just today I bought Crusader Kings II for $10 during an Impluse “Flash Sale”. I blame Chris.

Played This Week
So here’s an interesting thing. I use Raptr to track my time. If I go to my Raptr profile it says I played 4 hours of Diablo 3, 1 hour of Guild Wars and 55 minutes of TERA this week.

But this morning I got my Raptr Weekly Summary and it says 4:24 Diablo 3, 2:34 TERA and 1:18 of Guild Wars. That seems more accurate. I know I played more than an hour of TERA!

I’ve also been dabbling in Hero Academy on the iPad (I suck..want some easy wins? Start a game with me, username pasmith), and last weekend I spent a good amount of time in The Secret World beta, though I wasn’t tracking it so I’m unsure exactly how much time it was.

Plans for the Week to Come
There’s another The Secret World beta weekend this weekend, and I’m hoping against hope to get into the Torchlight 2 stress test weekend.

Otherwise, I’m planning on diving back into TERA this week. And I’ll keep poking along in my solo play-through of Diablo III, depending on if the lag clears up.

Happy gaming, folks!

TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/11/2012

TERA is having more staying power with me than I expected it to, honestly. So another boring wrap-up.

Purchases This Week

Nothing! Wait, I lie… I bought Ascension for the iPad for 99 cents.

Played This Week
Last Friday was our first Guild Wars: Eye of the North session and that prompted me to do a bit more in Guild Wars. About 3.5 hours this week.

I spent half an hour in the Firefall beta before a visit to the game’s forums turned me off the product.

The rest of the week was all about TERA (13 hours of it).

Plans for the Week to Come
Lots of plans. Tonight is Guild Wars: Eye of the North with friends. Monday night, if I get done work in time, is a Guild Wars 2 beta/stress test session. Between those two lies a The Secret World beta weekend.

Then on Tuesday, the juggernaut that is Diablo III launches.

In whatever spare time I can carve out around all these other games, I hope to keep on moving forward in TERA.

Too many great games available at the same time!

Have a good week, everyone!

TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/04/2012

Another short update this week. I guess that’s good news. It means I’m focusing on fewer games and not spending as much money on games that I don’t make full use of. 🙂

Purchases This Week

Much to my amazement, I pre-ordered Diablo III this week. I hadn’t really intended to play it, but peer pressure definitely got to me. All my friends are going to be playing and hopefully looking for extra party members and I didn’t want to be left out!

On the other hand, I canceled my Dragon’s Dogma pre-order. Just no time to play it with all these other games, and as it’s a single player game it’ll ‘keep’ until I have time (and it enjoys a price cut).

And not a purchase, but I did get into the Firefall beta as of this morning.

Played This Week
Over the weekend I, like seemingly everyone else, played the Guild Wars 2 beta.

Once that shut down it was back to TERA, but Raptr confirms that it wasn’t a great gaming week. I managed to squeeze in just 5 hours of playing.

Plans for the Week to Come
Tonight I’m joining Dusty Monk and friends in an assault on Guild Wars: Eye of the North. The plan is to make this a weekly outing until we get through all the EOTN content.

Then I’m going to check out Firefall of course, but my major focus for the next week will continue to be TERA. I’m still baffled and bemused by how much fun I’m having in TERA and I suppose a lot of that has to do with how modest my expectations were going in.

Of course, having a bunch of friends playing helps, too!

TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 4/27/2012

This is going to be the shortest TGIF wrap-up yet!

Purchases This Week
Not a thing!

Played This Week
A few minutes of the Dragon’s Dogma and The Walking Dead demos on the PS3
Lots of Tera while the open beta was up and running.
No gaming at all Tues-Thurs. Work’s been sucking.

Plans for the Week to Come
Guild Wars 2 beta weekend tonight and tomorrow, assuming all goes well
Tera head start and launch week starting Saturday evening

And oddly enough, that’s all I have to say. I’ve rambled on forever about Tera already and I don’t yet know much about Guild Wars 2!

TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 4/20/2012

MMOs are like crack [well, not really, I’ve never done crack but I’m pretty sure MMOs are a lot better for you]. I think I’ve quit the habit and next thing you know I’m sucked back in.

Purchases This Week
Some Gold to spend in Tribes:Ascend
And I switched my Dragon’s Dogma pre-order from 360 to PS3
Oh, and I bought the current Humble Bundle for $15

Played This Week
It’s been the kind of week where last weekend feels like it was years ago. I vaguely recollect playing Tribes:Ascend and enjoying it in limited doses. 2-3 matches is all I can take before I have to go do something more relaxing…I get really worked up playing that game! LOL.

I also got my first taste of Diablo III last weekend after I finally took advantage of the beta invite I got in November. As I feared, it played hell with the RSI issues I have in my wrist. But I enjoyed it. So much so that I’m considering just wearing a wrist brace and playing it, but that sounds really self-destructive.

I continue to plug away at Legend of Grimrock but honestly these online games have their hooks in me again. I managed 3 hours of it though. I was switching between Tribes and Grimrock Friday night and Saturday.

Sunday night I popped back into Guild Wars with the hope of adding to my HoM points. After I whined here I got some fresh advice from Jazz and Scott and played some more. My new goal is gearing up in order to make Eye of the North less brutal. Raptr says I played for 7 hours this week.

Then Dusty and Arislyn lured a few of us into trying the free-to-play version of Aion. I just got my wings when I got distracted AGAIN.

Last, the open beta of Tera. Raptr isn’t tracking it yet but I played until much too late last night.

Plans for the Week to Come
My plans never really pan out, do they? As of today I intend to play Tera over the weekend while the beta is going (our characters will roll over into launch so this isn’t ‘lost’ time) and then hopefully back to Guild Wars. On Tuesday the demo for Dragon’s Dogma comes out and I’ll be taking that for a spin. Otherwise…who knows? I’d like to dip back into Tribes before my slightly-angry skillz atrophy, though. (Get it? Instead of mad skillz I have slightly-angry skills…oh, never mind.)

It’s a crazy spring for MMOs. Diablo 3 (not an MMO, I know, but seems to be a game lots of MMO players are interested in) and Tera have open beta weekends this weekend. Guild Wars 2 has a beta weekend next weekend. Tera launches on May 1 and Diablo 3 on May 15th and The Secret World beta weekends have to start really soon given that game launches in June.

Busy busy busy!

TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 4/13/2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wow, I’ve had a crazy gaming week. Going to PAX really re-energized my gamer soul, as well as crumbling my will to resist new games. 🙂

Purchases This Week
I pre-ordered both Tera and Guild Wars 2 this week.
I pre-ordered Dragon’s Dogman for Xbox 360. Who will be my pawn!?
I bought Shoot Many Robots on XBLA.
Legend of Grimrock launched (I had it on pre-order).
I got a review copy of Anomaly – Warzone Earth on XBLA

Played This Week
Oof, where to start. Aside from the games I dipped into at PAX, I played Super Stardust HD on the Vita in the hotel room.

While at the show I got codes for a LOTRO mount and a DDO mini-pet; these prompted me to revisit both those games, playing about an hour of the first and two hours of the second.

I jumped into the Tera beta when I got home, got to about level 3, then the beta ended. Doh!

I also got codes for weapons in Shoot Many Robots so I bought that on XBLA (was planning to get it on PC…still might) and spent a couple hours playing that Monday night. For once in an Xbox game I sought out multiplayer matches and never managed to connect to one. Sad…it’s a really fun game.

Tuesday night I spent playing Anomaly and that, too, was a heck of a lot of fun.

Wednesday was about Grimrock. I was SO hyped for this game, and it didn’t disappoint. Loving it so far. I also tried out Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes, which hit open beta. I didn’t like that AT ALL (personal preference, not meant as a commentary on the quality of the game). Uninstalled that within an hour of installing it.

And Thursday Tribes: Ascend came out of beta. I played 3 really fun matches of Capture the Flag then had to quit before my heart burst from the constant adrenaline rush. I’m getting too old for this shit. 🙂 So I went back to Grimrock. Oh, and I logged into SW:TOR but felt kind of over-whelmed by the compulsion to tweak my UI and the need to re-spend skill point, so I quickly logged out. Did collect the pet Tauntaun I got from PAX though.

That was more gaming than I’d done in months. Lola Thunderpaws is pissed because our evening walks have been so short, and the house is a mess. I’ve moved catching up with RSS feeds to bedtime, but that means my novel reading progress has dropped to nil. Still, it was a damned fun week of gaming.

Not that I -touched- any of the games on my “Currently Playing” list. I guess I need a new list!

Plans For the Week to Come

Fluid. Tera open beta starts on Thursday for those of us who pre-ordered, and they say they aren’t wiping characters between open beta and launch, so for all intents and purposes the game is launching Thursday for me. I don’t expect Tera to be a game that holds my attention for more than a week or two but like I said, PAX eroded my will power. I’d had no intention of pre-ordering before I saw it on the show floor.

Until Thursday, definitely more Grimrock and I’d like to play more Tribes while I can still be semi-competitive (I figure the audience will get way better than me within a few weeks). I want to check out using a LOTRO soldier outside of skirmishes, and I was really enjoying DDO.

Seriously, I have way too many games to play. I think I’ll put all the names in a hat and just draw one out!