TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/11/2012

TERA is having more staying power with me than I expected it to, honestly. So another boring wrap-up.

Purchases This Week

Nothing! Wait, I lie… I bought Ascension for the iPad for 99 cents.

Played This Week
Last Friday was our first Guild Wars: Eye of the North session and that prompted me to do a bit more in Guild Wars. About 3.5 hours this week.

I spent half an hour in the Firefall beta before a visit to the game’s forums turned me off the product.

The rest of the week was all about TERA (13 hours of it).

Plans for the Week to Come
Lots of plans. Tonight is Guild Wars: Eye of the North with friends. Monday night, if I get done work in time, is a Guild Wars 2 beta/stress test session. Between those two lies a The Secret World beta weekend.

Then on Tuesday, the juggernaut that is Diablo III launches.

In whatever spare time I can carve out around all these other games, I hope to keep on moving forward in TERA.

Too many great games available at the same time!

Have a good week, everyone!