Electric Blue Angel

I come from far away, both in time and space. In your future, my mother, an entertainer specializing in exotic dance, had a tryst with a human starship captain named Jim. I am the result.

I’ve always been a tinkerer, and that proved to be my undoing. While studying photo-voltaic particle physics on your planet, an experiment went… awry. I was sucked through some kind of vortext and wound up in your time, with no way to get back home.

Happily my nano-organic compound wings survived the trauma, and I seem to have picked up some kind of innate power to control static discharge in the accident.

I don’t want to taint the timeline any more than I already have, so I won’t give you my real name. Electric Blue Angel is both descriptive and easy to remember, so you may call me that.

# # # # #

Yeah, I didn’t really create this one with any kind of backstory in mind, can ya tell? I just couldn’t resist playing with a new set of powers, and every time I create a new Hero I gaze longingly on those huge wings, so…

EBA is Lightning/Gadgeteering, so I’m focusing on Recovery, Endurance and Intelligence for her. She’s got the sonic gun thingie as an energy builder and chain lighting as her first DPS power. When she got out of the tutorials I gave her a shield power the puts up a static shield and does low damage to units in melee range. Oh, and she took flight, of course.

I don’t usually create cross-gender characters in MMOs, but for reasons I don’t want to go into, I wanted a couple of female heroes in my ‘stable.’ I tried not to make EBA a complete sex-pot stereotype, but didn’t do so well. I at least moved her Breast slider down off max. 🙂

For her outfit, I choose a “skin” top that is a tank-top with yakuza tats. For her bottoms, a short angled skirt. Her skin is blue which helps her not look quite so ‘fleshy’ at least. She has a halo, but it isn’t anything metaphysical…it’s a gadget and the two ‘wings’ on her head generate a field that keeps it suspended in mid air. Her wings are an organic/nano composite, bonded onto her shoulder blades and powered by artificially grown organic muscle tissue grafted onto her back. It’s a semi-common practice in her timezone.

Screenshots to come. She’s just left the Crisis Zone, and she did the desert one, which gives an ugly green tint to everything so I’ve been avoiding taking screenshots in it.

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