About Me

Dragonchasers is the personal blog of me, Pete Smith. You can contact me via gmail.com. My email address there is pasmith. If you’re a real person I’m sure you can put those two pieces of info together. If you’re a spammer harvesting emails, bwahahaha! I fooled you!

I’m a gray-beard gamer who cut his teeth on paper & cardboard counter games from SPI. My first computer was an Atari 400. My first published computer game review was in ST Log, a long-dead magazine about the Atari ST computers. From there I did some chapters for some video game guides and freelance reviewing that ultimately led to a position as Associate Editor of Computer Games Strategy Plus (later renamed Computer Games Magazine). Don’t let the gaming journalists fool you: writing about computer games is in fact a dream job, as long as you aren’t looking to get rich.

Along the way I was an Assistant Sysop for Scorpia (who old timers will remember from the pages of Computer Gaming World) on GEnie in the Games RT, then I ran the forums for Strategy Plus when we first came online on the internet. When I left S+ I started Jaded’s Pub to keep in touch will all my old friends.

These days I’m a web developer specializing in the Expression Engine CMS and generally LAMP applications. I game just for fun, at least until some company realizes my genius and makes me an offer. 🙂 Mostly I play MMOs, but I do own all the major consoles.

Thanks for reading and commenting on Dragonchasers. I have a lot of fun writing this blog and I’m always interested to hear what other folks have to say.

Remember, games are supposed to be fun. If you aren’t having fun, find another game to play!