TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 4/20/2012

MMOs are like crack [well, not really, I’ve never done crack but I’m pretty sure MMOs are a lot better for you]. I think I’ve quit the habit and next thing you know I’m sucked back in.

Purchases This Week
Some Gold to spend in Tribes:Ascend
And I switched my Dragon’s Dogma pre-order from 360 to PS3
Oh, and I bought the current Humble Bundle for $15

Played This Week
It’s been the kind of week where last weekend feels like it was years ago. I vaguely recollect playing Tribes:Ascend and enjoying it in limited doses. 2-3 matches is all I can take before I have to go do something more relaxing…I get really worked up playing that game! LOL.

I also got my first taste of Diablo III last weekend after I finally took advantage of the beta invite I got in November. As I feared, it played hell with the RSI issues I have in my wrist. But I enjoyed it. So much so that I’m considering just wearing a wrist brace and playing it, but that sounds really self-destructive.

I continue to plug away at Legend of Grimrock but honestly these online games have their hooks in me again. I managed 3 hours of it though. I was switching between Tribes and Grimrock Friday night and Saturday.

Sunday night I popped back into Guild Wars with the hope of adding to my HoM points. After I whined here I got some fresh advice from Jazz and Scott and played some more. My new goal is gearing up in order to make Eye of the North less brutal. Raptr says I played for 7 hours this week.

Then Dusty and Arislyn lured a few of us into trying the free-to-play version of Aion. I just got my wings when I got distracted AGAIN.

Last, the open beta of Tera. Raptr isn’t tracking it yet but I played until much too late last night.

Plans for the Week to Come
My plans never really pan out, do they? As of today I intend to play Tera over the weekend while the beta is going (our characters will roll over into launch so this isn’t ‘lost’ time) and then hopefully back to Guild Wars. On Tuesday the demo for Dragon’s Dogma comes out and I’ll be taking that for a spin. Otherwise…who knows? I’d like to dip back into Tribes before my slightly-angry skillz atrophy, though. (Get it? Instead of mad skillz I have slightly-angry skills…oh, never mind.)

It’s a crazy spring for MMOs. Diablo 3 (not an MMO, I know, but seems to be a game lots of MMO players are interested in) and Tera have open beta weekends this weekend. Guild Wars 2 has a beta weekend next weekend. Tera launches on May 1 and Diablo 3 on May 15th and The Secret World beta weekends have to start really soon given that game launches in June.

Busy busy busy!