TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/04/2012

Another short update this week. I guess that’s good news. It means I’m focusing on fewer games and not spending as much money on games that I don’t make full use of. 🙂

Purchases This Week

Much to my amazement, I pre-ordered Diablo III this week. I hadn’t really intended to play it, but peer pressure definitely got to me. All my friends are going to be playing and hopefully looking for extra party members and I didn’t want to be left out!

On the other hand, I canceled my Dragon’s Dogma pre-order. Just no time to play it with all these other games, and as it’s a single player game it’ll ‘keep’ until I have time (and it enjoys a price cut).

And not a purchase, but I did get into the Firefall beta as of this morning.

Played This Week
Over the weekend I, like seemingly everyone else, played the Guild Wars 2 beta.

Once that shut down it was back to TERA, but Raptr confirms that it wasn’t a great gaming week. I managed to squeeze in just 5 hours of playing.

Plans for the Week to Come
Tonight I’m joining Dusty Monk and friends in an assault on Guild Wars: Eye of the North. The plan is to make this a weekly outing until we get through all the EOTN content.

Then I’m going to check out Firefall of course, but my major focus for the next week will continue to be TERA. I’m still baffled and bemused by how much fun I’m having in TERA and I suppose a lot of that has to do with how modest my expectations were going in.

Of course, having a bunch of friends playing helps, too!