Elder Scrolls MMO is official. Internet rejoices. I sob.

[Update #2: OK, I’ve found a second source (the infamous un-named source… a source CLOSE TO THE MATTER!) that confirms a totally separate team — separate studio in fact — is still working on the kinds of rich single player RPG we’ve come to love from Bethesda. So I’m placated at this point. Whew! Almost blew a gasket for a minute there.]

[Update: According to a comment from someone who I suspect is someone I trust, 🙂 there’s a totally separate team for the MMO and we’ll still see more single player Elder Scrolls games. Which I’ll take as very good news indeed.]

So Game Informer broke the news that it’s cover game for next month is The Elder Scrolls Online.

Yup, it’s official.

G+ is full of people claiming that spontaneous sexual reactions are happening to them in response to this news.

I, of course, am odd man out. Now I don’t really KNOW anything about The Elder Scrolls Online, but this is the Internet, where Knowing is Irrelevant to the Battle.

Remember how great Knights of the Old Republic was? Remember how OK that 3 weeks you spent playing Star Wars: The Old Republic were? And SW:TOR had the benefit of at least rendering the ancient Star Wars universe using modern-day graphics that put KOTOR to shame.

The Elder Scrolls Online is to Skyrim as SW:TOR is to KOTOR, except The Elder Scrolls Online will probably look slightly worse than Skyrim, given that it’s an MMO.

Now all those dragons you kill will respawn 30 seconds later. All those thieve’s hideouts will be ignored until you get a quest to kill 10 bandits, since clearing them out will be meaningless in a game where everything resets every 45 seconds.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MMOs. But I hate that we’ve come to a place where everything HAS to become an online multiplayer game to stay relevant. I was looking forward to the next Elder Scrolls game that would let me be THE HERO instead of just another dweeb grinding for loot and screaming into the LFG channel for someone to help him kill an epic rat.

7 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls MMO is official. Internet rejoices. I sob.

  1. This does not impact the single player Elder Scrolls line at all – these will carry on as they always did since 1993. The MMO is made by a completely separate team.

  2. MMOs and single player offline games simply function differently. I like them both for different reasons, but I agree, the Elder Scrolls IP and game design tradition just shouldn’t be shoehorned into MMO boots.

    Then again, I’m still peeved that we have SWTOR instead of KOTOR 3. 🙁

  3. Ironic that after years spent playing MMOs, Skyrim reminded me what it felt like to actually have fun playing an RPG.

    The cries of “it has to be balanced!” can already be heard from the pvp crowd (well maybe not literally.) Ugh. Multiplayer (with a friend or two) may have been cool, but otherwise I totally agree with Pete.

  4. Yeah, a multiplayer version where a couple of friends could play together and save their shared game so things didn’t all respawn oddly… I could see that working.

  5. Dragons already respawn every 30 seconds in Skyrim (it certainly felt that way), and I stopped clearing out random caves around hour 40.

    I’m not particularly excited about a MMO version, different team or no, but the “revolutionary” Radiant quest system made Skyrim more MMO-ish in a very real way already.

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