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A couple of weeks back Bethesda gave away Morrowind to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Elder Scrolls. Of course I snagged a copy, but then I did something crazy. I tried to play it. One point of gamer-shame I carry around with me is that I’ve never played a […]

[Update #2: OK, I’ve found a second source (the infamous un-named source… a source CLOSE TO THE MATTER!) that confirms a totally separate team — separate studio in fact — is still working on the kinds of rich single player RPG we’ve come to love from Bethesda. So I’m placated […]

Boardgamers, miniatures wargamers and pen & paper RPG players all feel comfortable with tweaking rule sets to suit their play styles. Why don’t video and computer gamers do the same thing? Just because a game lets you do something, it doesn’t mean you have to do it.

The post title tells it all. Todd Howard visited G4 at E3 today, and showed off Skyrim. Now we’ve seen most of this footage before, but this time (if you’re patient) you’ll see some footage of the user interface. It’s all looking really good. 11/11/11, baby! Xbox 360 Games – […]