Skyrim demo from G4 shows interface

The post title tells it all. Todd Howard visited G4 at E3 today, and showed off Skyrim. Now we’ve seen most of this footage before, but this time (if you’re patient) you’ll see some footage of the user interface. It’s all looking really good. 11/11/11, baby!

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Note that the video may be a bit slow to load…I’m sure their servers are getting hammered today.

2 thoughts on “Skyrim demo from G4 shows interface

  1. My most wanted game of the year, by far. As an exploration junky, I enjoyed Oblivion for months and months. I still return to it from time to time, and yet even I haven’t seen everything in the game. It’s that big. Skyrim is just as big, but with a lot more detail and refined gameplay… and dragons.

    It couldn’t come quickly enough.

  2. Can…not….wait…

    These guys make the best rpg’s since the days of Origin and Ultima. My opinion, of course.
    I just started playing Oblivion again last week from the beginning. Needed a gaming fix after giving up on Rift finally.

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