TERA: Buff-up via gathering

There’s never anything new under the sun, but one of TERA’s (why is it in all caps!!?) systems that is new to me at least is this idea that gathering materials for crafting gets you buffs. I haven’t made a scientific study of this so I don’t know all the details. I assume getting a buff is a random crafting event, but they happen pretty often. And I don’t know if they scale.

To be honest I’d seen the buffs pop up from early on but just assumed they were buffs to help with gathering/crafting, but I finally looked at what they did and turns out they’re buffs that will help in combat. Here’s a few…this might be all of them or just the ones I happened to have at the time I was taking screenshots. Like I said, not a scientific investigation.

These may not seem like much, but gradual magic and healing regeneration helps a lot in keeping you in the battle. (Of course that’s balanced by the time you spend gathering.) And of course the materials you gather can be used in crafting or, if you don’t craft, sold to another player (NPC vendors don’t offer much for crafting materials).

6 thoughts on “TERA: Buff-up via gathering

  1. I thought Rift buffed you from gathering? I know WoW gives you a passive skill that strengthens the more you use it. Anyways, TERA looks like fun and they have a bunch off cool things in it.

  2. I had noticed that, but never really paid attention to it. I might be mistaken, but I seem to think that sometimes you get a buff, and sometimes you get a skill raise in the harvesting skill, but not both.

  3. @Scary – Rift may have… I have a mind like a sieve so everything is always new to me!

    Also, pleased to meet you! LOL

    @Scopique – Maybe that’s how it works. I woulda gone in to check if I hadn’t had to get ready for work!

  4. I am too busy slaughtering random things to notice the buffs >.>

    TERA is like gaming junk food for me, I just want to whirl my swords through as many things as I can find. I know there are mechanics behind what I am doing, but I can seem to be bothered to pay attention to them. Yeah…. I realize I have a bloodlust problem >.> Playing this game feels like some awesome slot machine…. mash attacks until it tells you to hit the space bar…. win prizes.

  5. Gaming junk food is a great way to describe it, at least at the lower levels. We’ll see how much that changes as we get higher.

  6. TERA is all in caps because it’s an acronym — The Exiled Realm of Aborea or somesuch. Now, I have no idea why RIFT is in all caps, tho…

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