TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 4/13/2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wow, I’ve had a crazy gaming week. Going to PAX really re-energized my gamer soul, as well as crumbling my will to resist new games. 🙂

Purchases This Week
I pre-ordered both Tera and Guild Wars 2 this week.
I pre-ordered Dragon’s Dogman for Xbox 360. Who will be my pawn!?
I bought Shoot Many Robots on XBLA.
Legend of Grimrock launched (I had it on pre-order).
I got a review copy of Anomaly – Warzone Earth on XBLA

Played This Week
Oof, where to start. Aside from the games I dipped into at PAX, I played Super Stardust HD on the Vita in the hotel room.

While at the show I got codes for a LOTRO mount and a DDO mini-pet; these prompted me to revisit both those games, playing about an hour of the first and two hours of the second.

I jumped into the Tera beta when I got home, got to about level 3, then the beta ended. Doh!

I also got codes for weapons in Shoot Many Robots so I bought that on XBLA (was planning to get it on PC…still might) and spent a couple hours playing that Monday night. For once in an Xbox game I sought out multiplayer matches and never managed to connect to one. Sad…it’s a really fun game.

Tuesday night I spent playing Anomaly and that, too, was a heck of a lot of fun.

Wednesday was about Grimrock. I was SO hyped for this game, and it didn’t disappoint. Loving it so far. I also tried out Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes, which hit open beta. I didn’t like that AT ALL (personal preference, not meant as a commentary on the quality of the game). Uninstalled that within an hour of installing it.

And Thursday Tribes: Ascend came out of beta. I played 3 really fun matches of Capture the Flag then had to quit before my heart burst from the constant adrenaline rush. I’m getting too old for this shit. 🙂 So I went back to Grimrock. Oh, and I logged into SW:TOR but felt kind of over-whelmed by the compulsion to tweak my UI and the need to re-spend skill point, so I quickly logged out. Did collect the pet Tauntaun I got from PAX though.

That was more gaming than I’d done in months. Lola Thunderpaws is pissed because our evening walks have been so short, and the house is a mess. I’ve moved catching up with RSS feeds to bedtime, but that means my novel reading progress has dropped to nil. Still, it was a damned fun week of gaming.

Not that I -touched- any of the games on my “Currently Playing” list. I guess I need a new list!

Plans For the Week to Come

Fluid. Tera open beta starts on Thursday for those of us who pre-ordered, and they say they aren’t wiping characters between open beta and launch, so for all intents and purposes the game is launching Thursday for me. I don’t expect Tera to be a game that holds my attention for more than a week or two but like I said, PAX eroded my will power. I’d had no intention of pre-ordering before I saw it on the show floor.

Until Thursday, definitely more Grimrock and I’d like to play more Tribes while I can still be semi-competitive (I figure the audience will get way better than me within a few weeks). I want to check out using a LOTRO soldier outside of skirmishes, and I was really enjoying DDO.

Seriously, I have way too many games to play. I think I’ll put all the names in a hat and just draw one out!

2 thoughts on “TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 4/13/2012

  1. I tried the Shoots Many Robots demo and it was a lot of fun. If you promise to play multiplayer with me, I’ll actually pick the game up this weekend. There was enough variation to make the game a lot of fun with friends.

    How was the little bit of Tera you got to play? I had access to the beta but well.. I never got around to downloading the game so I never got to try it out during the weekend testing.

  2. Ahhh, I can’t promise to do multiplayer; I’m too flaky to make that kind of promise. I wonder can you just do MP in the trial?

    I played so little of Tera that it’s hard to say. It reminded me a lot of the start of Aion, except instead of Tab/Lock On targeting you had to aim your swings. I think… I’ve already forgotten! Level 3 = about 4 fights and running from NPC to NPC in a linear path.

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