TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 5/18/2012

Whoa, almost forgot this. Still boring…

Purchases This Week
Almost got through the week unscathed, but just today I bought Crusader Kings II for $10 during an Impluse “Flash Sale”. I blame Chris.

Played This Week
So here’s an interesting thing. I use Raptr to track my time. If I go to my Raptr profile it says I played 4 hours of Diablo 3, 1 hour of Guild Wars and 55 minutes of TERA this week.

But this morning I got my Raptr Weekly Summary and it says 4:24 Diablo 3, 2:34 TERA and 1:18 of Guild Wars. That seems more accurate. I know I played more than an hour of TERA!

I’ve also been dabbling in Hero Academy on the iPad (I suck..want some easy wins? Start a game with me, username pasmith), and last weekend I spent a good amount of time in The Secret World beta, though I wasn’t tracking it so I’m unsure exactly how much time it was.

Plans for the Week to Come
There’s another The Secret World beta weekend this weekend, and I’m hoping against hope to get into the Torchlight 2 stress test weekend.

Otherwise, I’m planning on diving back into TERA this week. And I’ll keep poking along in my solo play-through of Diablo III, depending on if the lag clears up.

Happy gaming, folks!