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Last night I finally made it into TERA’s first dungeon, the Bastion of Lok. This is a 5-man instance meant for (I believe) levels 20-24. Our run took a little over an hour (no wipes, a couple bio breaks and Stamina recharge sessions). Our party was a lancer (TERA tank […]

There’s never anything new under the sun, but one of TERA’s (why is it in all caps!!?) systems that is new to me at least is this idea that gathering materials for crafting gets you buffs. I haven’t made a scientific study of this so I don’t know all the […]

Imagine my surprise when the Tera open beta was still running this evening! Sweeeettt!!! I jumped in and took Bart to level 23. I’ve been learning about Enchanting since my last post. Some gear can be Enchanted (it’s indicated on the tool tip) and here’s how you do it. First […]

I kind of wanted to get to level 20 before I wrote this post but alas, it was not to be. Since my last post I took Bart from level 15 to level 19. So what did I learn? Biggest thing: skill chains. Turns out you have to set these […]

Between Friday night and a couple hour session after the dog got me up early for her walk this morning, I’ve taken Bart The Slayer from level 8 to level 15. In the course of this, I’ve left The Island of Dawn (the starter area which takes you level 1-12 […]

Last night the Tera open beta started for people who pre-ordered the game. Today everyone can get in. In my online community the general reaction to Tera seems to be something like “Meh, I guess I’ll try it.” I don’t know too many people who are super-stoked to play but […]