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Weekends just fly by, don’t they? I get home from work on Friday night, turn in a circle 2 times and its Monday morning. Magic, of the darkest, bleakest kind. Gaming-wise, I was all over the place this weekend; I’m not even sure I can remember everything I did. I […]

Sometimes I just don’t understand other gamers. Why do they hate the things I love, and vice versa? There’s something about me that’s just different from most gamers. And I finally figured out what it was. I’m a romantic and a dreamer. Fable 2 actually got me thinking about this. […]

Today I finished the main plot line for Fable 2. I’ve got a lot I’d like to say about it, but frankly I’m not sure how to say everything without spoiling the game for folks who haven’t played it. I certainly don’t want to post explicit spoilers, but later in […]

As a comment to yesterday’s post, DM Osbon of Construed asked if Fable 2 had anything to teach console MMO developers. I thought this was a great question and worth a post of its own. I don’t have any answers, just ruminations. But I do like to ruminate, so without […]

When last we left our intrepid adventurer Sparrow Dumpling Blade Lionheart (a hero’s title is ever-changing), he’d taken on a wife and she’d born him a daughter, Gemma. And he thought that life was complicated. So innocent and naive, was he. As it turns out, Deb the Villager is fairly […]

My wife wants sex. I know this to be true because it says so right there on her status sheet. “Wants sex.” The words mock me every time I check up on her, because since the night of our wedding, I’ve been unable to perform. I just don’t know what […]

In a way, I blame this all on my dog. If he hadn’t found that treasure chest with the ring in it, none of this would ever have happened. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Things were going swimmingly in my new-found career as adventurer/wood chopper. I’d met up with […]

I played another few hours of Fable 2 tonight. I guess it says a lot about the game that 2 hours can go by without me completing a single step of the main quest line, but still having fun. I bought a couple of vendor stalls, I explored some random […]

I’m at work so can’t wall o’ text ya, but saw this in an RSS feed and figured it was worth sharing asap: Fable II players report game breaking glitch – Xbox 360 Fanboy The glitch occurs during the quest called “Monk’s Quest,” in which players are tasked with speaking […]

Last night I finally got a chance to get in some quality time with Fable 2. Before I get into that, I have to say XBox 360 #3 performed flawlessly (*knock on wood*) and is a lot quieter than the first two I’ve had. I didn’t hate using the 360 […]