Another stroll through Albion

I played another few hours of Fable 2 tonight. I guess it says a lot about the game that 2 hours can go by without me completing a single step of the main quest line, but still having fun.

I bought a couple of vendor stalls, I explored some random caves full of bandits (and dispatched said bandits), I flirted with a dozen villagers, I earned some coin making blades and chopping wood, I gambled that money away, I listened to a Bard’s awful song about me… but I never quite got around to doing the next step of the main quest.

Fun stuff. Feels a bit like a MSORPG (Massively Singleplayer Offline RPG) though I’m not really sure how big the world ultimately is.

3 thoughts on “Another stroll through Albion

  1. Sounding like that old time favourite Ultima VII , where you could lose a whole day just pottering around a village helping out with menial tasks 🙂 WHich I totally loved and still hold as one of my all time best games.

  2. It gets me to thinking, will Fallout 3 gameplay allow you to ‘stroll’ as well as ‘run’ through the storyline – as Fable 2 allows you too.

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