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Over the weekend I earned the Platinum Trophy for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. For PC and Xbox players, substitute “achievement” for “trophy” and know that the platinum is basically the “You’ve earned all the other trophies” trophy. It’s the same I guess as getting 1000 gamerscore out of an […]

Not just one, but two sets of game end credits rolled this weekend. Actually they both rolled on Sunday. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

My blog posts are sounding like a skipping record now (records are what us old people used to hear music). Shadow or Mordor, then more Shadow of Mordor and also, some Shadow of Mordor. And I’m LOVING it.

Diablo 3 story mode is complete but I was too burned out to jump right into Adventure Mode, so instead I returned to Middle Earth and Sauron’s endless army of orcs and uruks.

The universe doesn’t want me to play Let It Die, Blizzard doesn’t want me to play Diablo 1 and Gollum keeps calling me mean names.

Even though I had a 3-day weekend thanks to the New Year, I didn’t do a ton of gaming this weekend. Instead I watched a lot of TV. Football for one thing, and after a long and idea-filled thread at Imzy, I started in on a new (to me) anime, […]

Once upon a time I tried playing Shadow of Mordor and it kicked my keister, but last night I tried it again and found it much more manageable. Same game, same gamer, so why am I finding it easier now?