Let it Die is gross and fun and their marketing team got me

I’ve FINALLY started playing Let It Die, and it’s thanks to the marketing team at GungHu and/or Grasshopper. Here’s why.

This weekend they had some kind of event celebrating a million deaths or something. I don’t even know WHY, but I knew that logging in this weekend got you some awards. FREE STUFF? I’m in. But you didn’t just have to log in. You had to log in and enter the tower (ie actually play the game). When you returned to the Waiting Room, this little golden cart would come careening into your waiting room. Inside was something amazing! (Maybe.) But you couldn’t open it for 19 hours. That meant you had to log in again the next day to find out what you got, and as long as you were there why not head into the tower and then another golden cart shows up!

Hey it worked for me, I logged in every day this weekend.

This game is so gory and so gross. Normally not my thing at all, but the gameplay is fun enough that I could look past it. Mostly. The blood is so over-the-top that it doesn’t really bother me that much, but it’s stuff like my character chowing down on a live frog that is kind of off-putting. And then there are the looks I get from Angela when she walks past and sees my female character running around in what she calls the bootiest of booty shorts (characters start wearing almost nothing). I guess I should pick a male body next time.

I’m really glad its a free game as I never would have purchased it, but now I’m feeling like I should spend some money just to support the game. In the process of learning to play I’ve been doing some research on the game and I was really encouraged to see a good number of people saying the same thing: that they’ve been pleasantly surprised and have spent money not because they felt like they needed to, but because they wanted to support the developer.

I’m never going to be great at this game and I’m never going to get far into it. I got a character to level 12 before a gang caught and killed her. Luckily I’d seen somewhere that you should have a few fighters going at the same time so you don’t have to start from scratch. I pulled my level 8 fighter out the freezer and went in hunt of myself. I took an explosive mushroom that weakened my former self, so it was a pretty easy fight.

Apparently (I learned this after the fact) that means my level 12 body should be back in the freezer. I hope so! I’m still trying to learn the death system. When you die you can use an item you (mostly) buy with real money to resurrect. Or you can return to the Waiting Room and spend in-game currency to “Salvage” your body. I’m not sure what that does…I think it gets your items back but I’m not sure if it gets your body back. Or you can go find your former-self and kill it and get the body, but not the items, back that way.

Anyway, I’m having fun puttering in the game. I’ve only been as far as the 2nd floor! Who knows how far I’ll get. Possibly no farther than I’ve been. What keeps me going is that weapon mastery persists between bodies. So if I die and have to start again, I’m now kind of a badass with my fists thanks to the work prior bodies did. I also am finding blueprints that, once researched, lets me purchase gear which is a huge boost over running around in my undies with the new body.

Of course typical me, no screenshots, but here’s a super-short clip I saved for a friend after I encountered his character in my game:

I can’t Let It Die and Mordor bares its fangs

It’s been about a month since free-to-play Playstation title Let It Die launched, and I still haven’t really played it. I’ve tried to play it on no less than 4 occasions but each time the universe conspires against me. Either the dog needs to go out or Angela decides on an early dinner that night or some other interruption. Problem is, it’s now been so long since I played the tutorial that I’ve forgotten everything I learned, and it’s a weird-ass game so that might be a problem. I’m not even positive I want to play it since it’s so gross, but I’d at least like to give it a try.

[Oh by the way I managed to take exactly zero screenshots last night so sorry for the wall of text today.]

Yesterday Diablo 3 got patched. For this month only (as I understand it) you can play through a re-creation of the original Diablo inside D3. One of my January gaming goals is to finally finish the Diablo 3 storyline. I’m in Act 2 and can’t go back to Act 1 without losing progress, and you need to be in Act 1 to check out the Diablo re-make (again, as I understand it). Since I didn’t want to lose progress I created a new character, but Adventure Mode doesn’t open until you’ve completed Story Mode. I started a new Story Mode game but didn’t see the portal in Tristram. Either I was looking in the wrong place, or you can’t get to this content from Story Mode.

I guess this all just means I have more incentive to complete Story Mode sooner rather than later. Oh and I had a laugh at myself when I created the new character. I’d said somewhere that “even on Hard difficulty” Diablo 3 was pretty easy. My bad I guess, since Hard is the 2nd easiest out of about 16 (literally) difficulty levels. There’s Normal, Hard, Expert, Master and then 12 tiers of Torment difficulty beyond that. What a noob I am! I had no idea.

I can still only play Diablo 3 for so long before I get bored. When I hit that point last night I jumped back to Shadow of Mordor and it’s like the game heard me talking about how easy I’ve been finding it, and decided to school me. I’ve done something, either gotten to a point in the storyline or leveled to a critical point…something I’ve done has changed the game. There are now caragors (the big hulking dog-ish things) roaming all over the place and Orc captains are springing up like weeds. I died three times to caragors last night when they came charging into a battle I was in the midst of. On top of that, several times I’d get into a fight with some run-of-the-mill orcs and uruks and suddenly there’d be one or even two captains there.

Long story short, I guess I died half a dozen times last night, and of course every time I did, the orc captains grew stronger. Video game life has a way of balancing things out, though, and towards the end of the night I unlocked a new tier of powers and now I have a skill that lets me shoulder rush uruks with shields in order to break said shields, and when I leap over an orc it gets stunned. I also suddenly have this flurry attack power; not sure where it came from but it’s potent. So over the course of the night the game got a lot harder but then eased up a bit due to new abilities. I was getting really frustrated at one point last night but by the time I quit I was back to having fun.

I did manage to complete one of the wraith’s story quests (the ones with Gollum) and I got Ratbag in position as a War Chief. Now I just have to finish thinning his competition to complete that quest. So…progress!

Gory, WTF-filled brawler Let it Die launched on PS4 yesterday

This isn’t usually my thing but it was free so why not, right? I d/l Let It Die overnight and fired it up this morning.

Warning, don’t watch these videos if you’re not a gore-fan. This is one heck of a gross game, but that’s kind of the point. In an interview from PSX one of the devs claimed he was told by Suda51 that the game had to have enough blood to fill Madison Square Garden 3 times over! LOL

Unfortunately I got through the tutorial and BZZZZT! Servers were down. So I’m not sure what the cash hook is. I know you can buy some kind of space-bucks on PSN but not sure what they’re used for yet.

If you want to check it out for yourself, here’s a link to it on PSN.

Fun for the whole family, eh?