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I didn’t pre-order a Wii U. It didn’t feel like a system I needed to have on Day 1 so I decided to wait and see how things go. But the other day I was playing the Need For Speed: Most Wanted demo, and more than once as I was […]

I don’t generally promote my ITWorld ravings posts here, but this one was on-topic enough that it seemed worth it. So here’s a link to my Nintendo DSi review over there. I take a quick look at both the hardware improvements as well as the new OS. Hope you enjoy […]

So while we in NA slept, Nintendo had its press conference and announced the new Nintendo DSi. I’m sure at this point in the day, this is No Longer News to anyone reading this blog. But in case you just woke up or something, I am now blogging that Wired’s […]

Somewhere around July 23rd, our Wii Fit Balance Board started acting wonky, giving crazy readings and drawing straight diagonal ‘COB traces’. I futzed with it for a couple of days, but on Friday, July 25th we called Nintendo to request service. Later that day we were emailed a pre-paid FedEx […]

I’m often accused of being thin-skinned or overly sensitive about certain topics, and gaming past wars is definitely one of them. So I have to give a cheer to Ross Arbour’s article over at Nukoda: Wii Aren’t Amused: Call of Duty World at War and Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Mr. […]

Engadget has a post of NPD numbers revealing that the Nintendo Wii has overtaken the XBox 360 in US sales (NPD: Wii usurps Xbox 360 as best selling US game console, pulling away ) From the report: NPD Group reports more than 666,000 Wii consoles were sold in June compared […]

Wow, I’m already falling so far behind! By the time I got home and watched all of yesterday’s press conference recordings (via G4), there was no time left to write posts! Luckily Nintendo announced very little for hardcore gamers, so there’s not a whole lot to say. You can’t really […]

The glow you see today leads down a dark and twisty path to an update that breaks the Zelda hack. Yes, it adds some trivial features but basically it looks like Nintendo is shutting down this particular back door. Apparently if you have the Homebrew Channel already installed, it’ll still […]

Why is your Wii Slot glowing blue? It’s because the Nintendo Channel has been updated and now lets you rate games, as well as check out how other people (cumulatively) have rated them. You can rate any game you’ve spent at least an hour playing (a bit eerie that my […]