Bravely Default: 45 hours in, sh*t got real

I’m still playing Bravely Default on the 3DS. Way back in May I reported hitting 19 hours. I’m at 45 hours now. It’s my ‘before bed’ game so I only play a bit each night, but I do play it almost every night.

So I’ve been tooling along, grinding a little. I was feeling pretty OP. Early on there were some tough boss fights but I used the “Summon a Friend” system to call in the character of some Nintendo-Friendo who was much further along than I was. That usually was enough to 1-shot the boss.

Difficulty spike!

Last night, things changed. I came up against a boss that just wipes the floor with me. My friends are no longer so high level (I assume they stopped playing LONG ago) that I can lean on them. I gotta figure this one out on my own.

Not going to lie, first thing I did was look online thinking I was missing something. I assumed there was a ‘trick’ to it since nothing had been remotely hard up until this point. Nope. I did read lots of discussions about how different people beat this boss, and those gave me ideas, so I’m glad I looked them up.

FINALLY the job system makes sense. Bravely Default has 24 jobs (basically, classes) and characters can switch between them at will. I still don’t have them all unlocked, but I have to figure out, based on what I have available and how far I’ve leveled them, how to combine jobs & characters to defeat this boss. Up to now I’ve been using whatever seemed cool (Pirate? YES! Salve-Maker? NO!).

Think, think, think….

So I have to *gasp* think about what I’m going to do. I may have to grind to level up some jobs I’ve ignored. That’s fine, I could use the gold that comes along with grinding anyway. Honestly I’m pretty excited that I finally have to come off auto-pilot and figure this out.

Of course the job that, according to the Internet, makes this fight pretty easy is, you guessed it, Salve-Maker.

2 thoughts on “Bravely Default: 45 hours in, sh*t got real

  1. I love that you’re playing the game through 🙂 I was one of the folks who gave up because I couldn’t see the screen well, but I’d probably play it again if I could play on an emulator or something. I’m totally on board with BD2 for the Switch.

    I just finished Chocobo Mystery Dungeon. It’s really good to struggle through a game and to the bitter end…

    1. One of the reasons I only play this one lying in bed is that’s the only position I can find where I can comfortably read that small screen for any length of time. If I kind of rest the 3DS on my chest I can peer through the ‘reading’ part of my progressive lenses and see it OK. If I try to play it sitting up I end up getting a stiff neck or sore arms.

      I’m also looking forward to BD2 on the Switch where I can throw it up on a TV when I need to give my eyes a break!

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