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No, I’m not talking WoW here… 🙂 I’m talking about the new strategy/rpg game from Tilted Mill Entertainment, Hinterland. It came out today, on Steam, for $20. I decided to check it out, partly because I enjoy both strategy and RPGs, but mostly because Tilted Mill’s offices are local, and […]

[EDIT: Not only is it a bonus XP long weekend, but former players can come back and play for free for a few days in the Welcome Back Weekend. From October 2-6, 2008, we’re offering free LOTRO access to our former players, and +25% bonus experience gain for everyone who […]

My Warhammer guild has turned out to be an interesting social experiment. Usually when I join a guild in an MMO, it’s because I’ve run into the same people a few times, grouped with them, and have some idea of what I’m getting into. Not so with CoW. I learned […]

I’ve been playing MMOs for a long time, and I’ve seen bad launches and really bad launches and complete and totally disastrous launches. I fear that this exposure has made me very forgiving of the problems that crop up in games that have good launches. Warhammer, in my opinion, launched […]

So the news is good for Mythic & EA. Half a million accounts created in about a week. Friends of mine who’ve shown no interest in Warhammer are suddenly contacting me and asking me what server they should roll on, so I guess the word is spreading. Picking a server […]

Werit has posted a great “Friday Question” this week: What is your favorte Tier 1 Zone?. Head over there and leave a comment!! There’s already an interesting range of answers. [Comments closed on this particular post because I want to be sure people respond over at Werit’s and not here.]

Wow, huge PSN update today. We’ve got Wipeout HD for $20, Megaman 9 for $10, GEON Emotions also for $10, and Burnout Paradise for $30. Plus the usual assortment of add-on content (for Buzz! & Soul Calibur this week) and Rock Band songs, game videos, demos of NBA 09 and […]

Spent a lot of time in front of the TV tonight. The DVR was filling up, so we got around to watching the 2-hour Heroes season premiere (first half was meh, the second half better), then a bit later this week’s Ghost Hunters and then an old Destination Truth. That’s […]

One of the things I love about Warhammer Online is the number of characters per server Mythic allows (10). I am definitely an ‘altaholic’ when it comes to these games. I won’t ever play all these guys to end game, but I do like to sample a wide variety of […]

For the purposes of this post, I’m using (my understanding of) the Meyers-Briggs definition of the terms introvert & extrovert. I’m not normally a fan of Meyers-Briggs; I kind of resent being pigeon-holed into a 4 letter classification. But I do think they’ve nailed it on introverts and extroverts. These […]