Warhammer: Introverts & Extroverts

For the purposes of this post, I’m using (my understanding of) the Meyers-Briggs definition of the terms introvert & extrovert. I’m not normally a fan of Meyers-Briggs; I kind of resent being pigeon-holed into a 4 letter classification. But I do think they’ve nailed it on introverts and extroverts. These ‘labels’ aren’t indicators of whether you enjoy being around people or not. Instead, they’re indicators of where you go to ‘recharge your batteries.’

Extroverts who are feeling low-energy will seek out a group of friends, and from this group they’ll become rejuvenated. Introverts who are feeling low-energy find a quiet spot alone to read a book, watch a movie, draw a picture, play some music…whatever activity soothes them will also help them regain lost energy.

So what does this have to do with Warhammer? Well, I personally am firmly in the introvert category. I enjoy being around (the right) people, but over time I lose energy to the group and eventually I need to retreat to somewhere quiet to recharge on my own.

Mythic of course designed Warhammer to strongly encourage people to socialize and join groups. They’ve made the process easy and painless, but a group is a group. I was planning to spend mega-hours in Warhammer this weekend (first weekend of full release and all that) but I’m finding that just isn’t comfortable for me. I mean, I could log in and solo but when I do that I feel like I’m not playing the game ‘properly’. I worry that my Rank (level) and my Renown Level aren’t going to get too lopsided. So many of the games best gear comes from having good Renown. The problem is becoming more acute as I draw closer to Rank 12, when I have to enter the Tier 2 RvR zones. If I’m using Renown 8 gear in there, I’m going to get destroyed. Not only will I be the lowest Rank character in the zones, but my gear will be feeble for my character level.

So I’m not playing as much. I play when I’m feeling high energy, and when I’m feeling low energy, I go back to LOTRO or even Spore. In LOTRO (or EQ2, or WoW, or….) I can play solo when I’m low-energy and feeling the urge to be alone, and not feel like I’m “gimping” myself by doing so.

None of this is a slam on Warhammer; when I’m feeling energized and I jump in and hook up with other people, I have an absolute blast. I spent hours in RVR the other night, learning the maps, learning my class, learning the strengths and weaknesses of other classes, and the time just flew by. This is exactly the game that Mythic set out to design and exactly the game they advertised. War IS everywhere and going solo, while possible, isn’t going to get you the optimal experience.

But this is what’s going to keep me from playing Warhammer as my “primary” MMO over the long term. Sometimes I really do feel like finding an out-of-the-way spot and grinding mobs, or collecting harvesting materials, or just decorating my silly house. Something about the predictable rhythm of these activities can really soothe my jangled nerves and let my psyche rebuild energy. Again, I can DO the mob-grinding in WoW, and even unlock stuff in my Tome. But I’m always watching that renown level and wondering what’s going to happen if the gap between it any my Rank gets too wide.

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  1. I *totally* understand, being an introvert too. No, really. I’m wildly sociable, but when I’ve had enough I’ve had enough. I also know my limitations now (well, more than I did a few years ago), so I try to do both: force myself to socialise sometimes, because I have a tendency to be sociable only when I’m at arm’s length (eg chat but not group), and force myself to take a break when I know I’ll get really crabby if I don’t.

    Maybe some low key company will help. Or someone to talk to without being, like, NEXT to /grin. Mort and I spend a lot of time duoing not because we’re sappy or antisocial or whatever, but because I absolutely *cannot* play with other people all day every day. I love my herd, but I need my space. You won’t like me if I don’t get my space.

    We can take this to PMs on the CoW boards if you like – if our playtimes coincide even slightly, maybe we can help you not be *entirely* alone without feeling like you have to be a performing group monkey. A lot of the time we just “putz about” meaning we do whatever we feel like. If that means just standing around chatting, that’s what we do. We can putz separately or together.

    Just wanted you to know you’re not unique. Oh well you know, a unique flower snowflake thing and all that, but not freakishly unique. Err… yeah, I’ll stop digging this here hole now.

  2. I think that was kind of my problem with Dark Age of Camelot. I do like my alone time (boy, bet you had me pegged), and I do solo a lot, usually on low level characters, which I tend to remake or just delete and try something different on a regular basis. The RvR stuff in DAoC just wasn’t for me; I don’t tend to like PvP to begin with because I think I’m terrible at it.

    I have another friend who picked up WHO too and he keeps talking about it and it’s piquing my interest, but the whole RvR thing just has me holding back. Well, that and I currently have a few friends back in EQ that I play with regularly.

    Still, consider my interest piqued, and I can definitely relate.

  3. @ Lisana. Don’t hold back. I hate PvP, and I’m not just saying that. Always have, always will. But RvR isn’t quite the same, and there’s a greater *point* to it that was sufficiently motivating to at least get me to dip my toe in.

    I won’t say I wasn’t awful at it to begin with, but I’m getting better and, more to the point, I’m having fun. Yes, I’m shocked too. The great thing about WAR is that scenarios only last 15 minutes, so even when they go horribly wrong they eventually end. And dying is just a Chumbawumba chorus — you get knocked down, but you get up again. 😉

    Not saying I’m 100% RvR 24/7 now, God forbid, but I actually like it as long as it’s when I want and I can give up when I feel like doing something else. And here I thought I was the only one who made lowbies just for a bit of solo quiet time! Wow!

  4. I’m a sociliser by Bartle (ESAK or SEAK, depending on a day), but in Briggs-Meyer I’m an introvert (INTJ), the two of which seem to be somehow contradictory. But I can see it in my playing (WoW currently): I seek company but don’t want to group unless asked politely first. In WoW there is this plague of just inviting people without asking them a thing, which really bugs me.

    I suppose in WAR I could get into a PQ or RvR without saying a word and just play around the people. Right? Besides, like I wrote in my blog, I enjoy the silent, effective type of groups the most.

    Killing just for killing’s sake.

  5. Copra, that’s correct. Open Groups are kind of the inverse of Blind Invites. You flag a group as “We’re doing X” and “Anyone is welcome” and then people come and go as they please. Or alternatively you can just do PQ’s without even joining an Open Group. For RvR scenarios you get put into a group by default when you enter the scenario.

    Lisana, be sure to let us know if you decide to give WHO a try!!! Something about everyone doing RvR makes it feel less… testosterony. 🙂 And there’s a ton of lore and unlocks and things to do in PvE too. So you can really control when (and even if) you expose yourself to RvR.

  6. I hear ya all.. I kinda need my soloing time and WAR doesn’t excel at this. I enjoy grouping a lot but when enough is enough I retreat to lotro for a bit lol. BTW I cant seem to log on at the same time as any CoW’s. Maybes its just bad luck but I haven’t gotten into the guild yet Ysharros. 🙁

  7. Oh Thallian that’s bad! What times do you play and what timezone are you? The Founder-Officer guys on Order side are all overrun in RL with RL stuff, but there should be 2 or 3 of us around, if not at the same time. Havelock should be officered soon too and will help spread that availability.

    I’ve been trying out various alts, though I usually try to let people know who I’m playing so they can send me a tell – doesn’t take long to swap to Amariel and shoot someone an invite.

    Sorry for the hijack, Pete — want us to take this to the boards instead?

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