Gold sellers move in to Warhammer

As Stylish Corpse reports, gold sellers have hit Warhammer Online.

I got a tell from two of them last night, from different web sites. This early on, they have legit-sounding names. And they aren’t spamming in general chat yet. They’re offering to sell you gold or to power-level your character.

In case you are wondering how to deal with this, I opened a CSR ticket under the topic “Harassment” and left the spammer’s name, the fact that they were selling gold, and the URL of the site they were advertising. Not very long after, CSR Rep Cielua contacted me in game to ask what s/he could do for me. I noted that I was just reporting a gold seller and asked if that was the proper way to report such things, and was told “Yes, absolutely.”

In case you want to report them after the fact, don’t forget you have a chat log! Look in:
\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning\logs\communication\{server name}\{character name}^M

And you’ll have a file for everyone who sent you a tell, and what they sent you. Mine looked like this:

[08/09/20][01:54:30] [SELLER NAME DELETED]: < <[URL DELETED] >> Have good day. Warhammer Online Gold Price (10G==13 USD) ,Fast Power-Leveling 1-40 sale $239. And World Of Warcraft Gold sale (1000G==$24) . ~~Welcome to ( [URL DELETED] )

As a side note, I was very impressed by how quickly CS responded to my ticket on a busy Friday night.

2 thoughts on “Gold sellers move in to Warhammer

  1. I did the same – I appended that a personal response wasn’t required, and at some point I got a little box pop up in the middle of my screen with a “Thanks, this is being investigated” type text in it.

    It’s like fighting the tide, but I’m Canute-esque about gold sellers.

  2. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. Not that there are gold sellers, but that they are there so early in the game. I have a feeling that gold farming will never go away as long as there are those who choose to use them, which blows!

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