An evening of relative peace

Spent a lot of time in front of the TV tonight. The DVR was filling up, so we got around to watching the 2-hour Heroes season premiere (first half was meh, the second half better), then a bit later this week’s Ghost Hunters and then an old Destination Truth.

That’s a LOT of TV for one night and didn’t leave much time for WAR, which might be a good thing. I was getting a bit *too* wrapped up in it; trying to parse too many things at once: new game mechanics and new places to explore, new classes to check out. All of which I wanted to do at the same time, all the while also wanting to keep up with much more hardcore guildmates, who I was trying to get to know. I was reaching that run-down, irritable state that Ysharros calls “enervated.”

And really, that whole previous paragraph could have and should have been written by her, because while it was me experiencing it, I wasn’t observing the Why of it all. Then I chatted (ok, griped) at her a bit and she just pegged exactly where I was at. Just feeling frazzled and tired and annoyed by really trivial issues. Time for a step back, let things settle a bit in my brain, get the perspective back, then move forward re-energized.

Anyway, I raise my glass to Ysharros. Guild officer, amateur therapist, and all-round good people.

Of course I did sneak in to get a couple of levels on my baby Witch Hunter, but at this point I can do the first few levels of Empire with my eyes closed.