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Woot! This week’s Rock Band DLC is a 3-song pack, for $3, that includes: * “Skullcrusher Mountain” – Jonathan Coulton * “Livin’ on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” – MC Frontalot * “Shhh….” – Darkest of the Hillside Thickets All are masters, and all proceeds go to Penny Arcade’s […]

I haven’t seen this officially on the NA Warhammer sites, but the European site says that the Warhammer Online Headstart Program starts on Sept. 14th for Collector’s Edition pre-orders, and Sept. 15th for standard orders. Note that the 14th is a Sunday, so (most) CE pre-orders have a full day […]

Just for the same of completeness, I’m cataloging the fact that I finally read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Sorcerer’s Stone. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? 🙂 I enjoyed it, as have a gazillion readers before me, but I think you’ll agree it’d be silly of me to review it. […]

Poor Sara Pickell. I did it to her again, posting a long rambling rant in the comments section of her blog, answering her post as if I knew exactly what she was basing her post on, which honestly I didn’t. I *have* to stop doing this stuff to her. Something […]

Some of my friends and I have ‘discovered’ a fun web site, Conquer Club. (Full disclosure: that link contains a referral tag…if you follow it and sign up as a paid member of the site, I get a free month.) The site is built around a web-based version of the […]

OK so I took the quiz:

Not a lot happening here at Dragonchasers HQ. I’m playing the hell out of LOTRO these days, but there isn’t a lot for me to say about the game that hasn’t been said a hundred times before. It I was high enough level to be enjoying the latest new content […]

Following up on my last post, I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings Online, and looking forward to the launch of Warhammer Online. The sensible thing would be to drop LOTRO when WAR hits. But I might not. And here’s why. You hear the term “theme park” applied to MMORPGs […]

So after I flamed out on Age of Conan, and used up my free EQ2 time, I was stuck with no MMO to play for August and the start of September. I didn’t want to burn out on the War beta, so I turned to Lord of the Rings Online. […]

Actually, the title of the post says it all. A friend who has been playing in the Preview Weekend says that the servers are crowded but that everything is going very smoothly, with no crashes, very little lag, and almost no waiting to finish quests. Let’s hope its an indication […]