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Some of my friends and I have ‘discovered’ a fun web site, Conquer Club. (Full disclosure: that link contains a referral tag…if you follow it and sign up as a paid member of the site, I get a free month.)

The site is built around a web-based version of the old “Conquer” game, which itself was basically a rip-off of Risk. The games are played either on a 5-minute/turn (more or less real-time) clock, or a 24-hour clock, which means you take a turn at most once a day. Games are further broken down as either sequential (each player goes in turn) or freestyle (everyone can play whenever they like during the 24-hour turn period). There are a ton of maps and variants, almost all of which are more complex than basic Risk; if you enjoy this kind of game the site could keep you busy for a LONG time.

Players are rated and ranked and can earn medals (sort of like Achievements). Rating is assigned by other players on aspects such as if you’re a fast player or a good sport. Ranking is more about stats and how good you are. At least that’s how I understand it works.

It’s free to play up to 4 games at a time, or for $25/year you can play as many as you like and start Private games. Be warned that the competition there is pretty darn tough and a lot of these guys have been playing for a long time, it seems. It isn’t unusual for a game to only last a few turns. I’ve been having more fun, honestly, playing Private games with friends.

My handle over there is Jaded, and I did spring for the Premium membership. If there’s any interest I could start a private game for readers of Dragonchasers and Jaded’s Pub (my gaming forum, linked to above).

One thought on “Conquer Club

  1. Hey Jaded.

    Consider yourself challenged 🙂

    I have a full inbox right now, but expect a game number from me over the next couple of days. Prepare to kick my butt! 🙂

    I look forward to seeing some Dragonchasers over there!

    Community Manager
    Conquer Club

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