Warhammer Online Preview Weekend Begins

Actually, the title of the post says it all. A friend who has been playing in the Preview Weekend says that the servers are crowded but that everything is going very smoothly, with no crashes, very little lag, and almost no waiting to finish quests.

Let’s hope its an indication of what the live launch will be like.

Me, I’m going to be playing LOTRO this weekend. I’m very much anticipating the WAR launch, but I just can’t take another start and wipe at the moment. I want the next character I create to be my “forever character” (to borrow and pervert a term from the animal rescue people).

And I’ve been enjoying LOTRO more than I have since launch, but that’s a topic for another post.

WAR: NDA lift-off and Preview Weekend

So the further Warhammer Online buzz today is that the NDA is expected to be lifted tomorrow, and comes with a big reveal as to why its been in place for so long. We’ll see.

Unlike a lot of bloggers, I don’t have a bunch of beta impression posts written and ready to roll out. Honestly there’s been so much Warhammer Online coverage around I should think we’re about at capacity. I will write up a quick post of my general impressions I suppose, just so I can go all fanboy for a while.

Other news is that the “Preview Weekend” is this coming weekend plus some, August 22nd – August 25th. This is an “invite-only” event, and it looks to me like you have to have pre-ordered to get invited. I suppose if you’re invited you’ve already got the email and if you weren’t, then you probably don’t care about the event! 🙂

Keep those access codes handy today

Thanks to Grishnar over at theBrasse.com for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

At some point today you’ll be able to enter your beta and headstart codes into the Mythic Beta Center. There’s really no rush if you pre-ordered the CE, but the first 50,000 ‘standard’ pre-orders to enter their codes will get an invite into the upcoming Preview Weekend. So keep checking! (I just checked at 8:15 am ET and my Head Start code was still flagged as ‘invalid’).

More details from the source: