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I believe you did not have a happy life. I believe you were cheated. I believe your best friends were loneliness and misery. I believe your busiest enemies were anger and depression. I believe joy was a game you could never play without stumbling. I believe comfort, though you craved […]

Today’s Strolling Music: The Worst of Jefferson Airplane Today Today I feel like pleasing you More than before. Today I know what I want to do But I don’t know what for. To be living for you Is all I want to do. To be loving you It’ll all be […]

So, I’ve played the Warcraft RTS, and I’m playing the World of Warcraft beta. There’s a fairly interesting and elaborate timeline behind all of this, and I wanted to learn more about the history of the world, so I turned to the 3 Warcraft novels: Day of the Dragon Lord […]

So last night I finally watched the end of Angel. [WARNING: SPOILERS] I’ve had a real love/hate relationship with the show. When it was serious, I’ve really enjoyed it. When it was dumb, well, who really needs more dumb TV? Lorne, for instance, was awful. From day 1 to the […]

Cyber church�reacts to ‘Satan’ visit I mean, what did they expect? You build a ‘virtual church’ that looks like nothing so much as a MMRPG…of *course* you’re going to get griefers coming in to disrupt things. I mean, how naive can you be?

In case any friends from the Pub come here to try and find out whats going on…there was a problem with the billing for jadedspub.com. The expiration date on the credit card that it was being billed to never got updated (my bad) and they were sending reminder notices to […]

So for the past few months I’ve been beta testing World of Warcraft. Even though Blizzard has made every effort to make the game ‘casual gamer friendly’ I still can’t seem to play it casually. In fact, I’ve pretty much lost myself in their world for quite some time: its […]

In fact, the average age of game players was 29 and the average age of buyers was 36, with men making up 59 percent of the playing audience. Survey: Video gamers get older, get online

Sony is showing off the new PSP handheld out at E3: Sony unveils PlayStation Portable

Let the E3 announcements begin! EA signs on with Xbox Live – May. 11, 2004