Angel Series Finale

So last night I finally watched the end of Angel.


I’ve had a real love/hate relationship with the show. When it was serious, I’ve really enjoyed it. When it was dumb, well, who really needs more dumb TV? Lorne, for instance, was awful. From day 1 to the ending, the character was just what he was… a big dumb pun (Green Lorne, get it? Lorne Greene? … in case you never made that connection).

But when the show went dark, I thought it was pretty good. And I will miss it.

The biggest surprise to me, in the ending arc, was how well Amy Acker did in jumping from Fred to Illeria (spelling?) and back. And she was pretty hot when she was blue, too, but that’s a post for another blog.

As for the very last episode…I thought it was ok. Its…savage, when a cast is killed off in the final episode of a series. It feels like a betrayel. Remember the last show of Blake’s 7? They all died and it was just like… “Shit, how could you do this to us fans?”

So Angel’s “They probably die but maybe not” ending seemed like a decent balance, though it was odd how it was juxtaposed with Wesley’s death. OTOH, the latter wasn’t as awful as the way Anya’s death was played so ‘lightly’ at the end of BTVS.

But was it stellar? No. Was it satisfying? Again, no. I’ll miss Angel, even though a lot of the acting was bad, and so too were a lot of the episodes. But my Season Pass list on Tivo is getting mighty thin these days and with no shows from the Buffyverse on…well, I’m just feeling a bit blue.