Warcraft novels

So, I’ve played the Warcraft RTS, and I’m playing the World of Warcraft beta. There’s a fairly interesting and elaborate timeline behind all of this, and I wanted to learn more about the history of the world, so I turned to the 3 Warcraft novels:
Day of the Dragon
Lord of the Clans
The Last Guardian
First of all, if you’re not a Warcraft fan, skip ’em all. None of them is a particuarly amazing book.

For fans of the series, though, they’re all good fun. Its neat reading about the places and characters you’ve seen in the games. Dragon is the weakest of the three, Clans the strongest and most tightly integrated into the gameworld (it tells the story of the origins of Warchief Thrall). Honestly I couldn’t place the events of Guardian into my knowledge of the timeline, but the places certainly were familiar.