Lost in a virtual world

So for the past few months I’ve been beta testing World of Warcraft.

Even though Blizzard has made every effort to make the game ‘casual gamer friendly’ I still can’t seem to play it casually. In fact, I’ve pretty much lost myself in their world for quite some time: its that compelling. I expect the FDA to get involved and classify it as a narcotic once it releases.

When not in WoW, I’ve been tinkering in City of Heros. I think of this as a ‘lite’ MMRPG, though in truth I may be doing it a disservice in saying so. I so enjoy creating characters (the titular heros) that I’ve gotten none of them anywhere above ‘newbie’ so it may get more complex farther in.

E3 has come and gone and I haven’t really sifted through the news yet. I’m going to attempt some semblance of balance between gaming and life and hopefully that’ll free up time resources to catch up on news and such.

One thought on “Lost in a virtual world

  1. Received the beta invite last week. Took my time installing it, as I had returned to Horizons and still having fun there.

    This weekend, started playing WoW Saturday morning (around 6:30 a.m). Merrie walks into the computer room.
    “This is pretty cool, want to try it?”

    I go grab some coffee, glance at the microwave clock.
    Wha? I discover it’s 11:00?! Holy crap.

    And that’s pretty much how the weekend went.
    Gah, the horror. Lol.

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