Jadeds Pub Down

In case any friends from the Pub come here to try and find out whats going on…there was a problem with the billing for jadedspub.com. The expiration date on the credit card that it was being billed to never got updated (my bad) and they were sending reminder notices to an old mediaone.net account so…

Anyway, the billing is now straightened out and the Pub should be back (and hopefully intact!) soon.

[UPDATE: Well, its still down. At this point I don’t expect it to be back before tomorrow. I have a meeting first thing in the am but after that I’ll get them on the phone and rant and rave. Thank you for your patience!]

[NEW UPDATE: We’re back online!!]

9 thoughts on “Jadeds Pub Down

  1. Saw that “Must call immediately” and “loss of data” messages and panic set in. Thanks for
    posting this to relieve my stress. 🙂

  2. Whew! Some of those messages were scary. Me going through Pub withdrawal would be an ugly sight.

  3. Ahem. But that still doesn’t explain why you’re ignoring email…

    /me scoots out of swat range

    Glad to know the Pub will be up and running soon! What else is there to do at work?!!

  4. Damned modern payment systems! What was wrong with bartering livestock?!

  5. Whew! Glad I thought to check Dragonchasers after a day of worry. (I was wondering if there was a bigger ‘net problem, as I(‘m also unable to get to my Roadrunner e-mail via their web interface.

  6. Must… have… Pub… hands shaking… seeing double… cold… so cold…

  7. Glad to see everything is ok. Got worried there for a minute. Thankfully I had splusmer’s email address

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