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One of my “gaming goals” for January was to keep up my weekly Fairy Fencer F and No Man’s Sky sessions. Thursday night was No Man’s Sky night and since last night was the last Thursday in January I’ve hit that goal. But I think I’m now done for a […]

Before I started working on my space farm in No Man’s Sky, I spent WAY too long trying to make a bootable USB drive that works consistently across machines. Also more Linux noodling.

It has been a crappy week here at Dragonchasers HQ. One of those weeks where every piece of tech you touch decides to go belly up. My main PC is down, my laptop is acting weird and my Linux box suddenly started crashing. Ergo no blog posts for the last […]

A quick recap of my Thursday night adventures in No Man’s Sky. I spent most of the night continuing the base building line of ‘quests’ and of course I wound up moving my base AGAIN. LOL

Sometimes my brain gets stuck on weird things. Today the No Man’s Sky launch date was revealed (June 21st) and it got me thinking about the game again. In case you’ve not bought a ticket for this particular hype train, No Man’s Sky is a space exploration/combat game (for PS4 […]