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I’m a few days late with this…been a busy week. But I finished the single player campaign of Crysis 2 Monday night. The stat-tracker in-game says it took me 14 hours, but of course that doesn’t count all the ‘lost’ time that resulted from death and being set back to […]

Just a PSA to remind you all that Heatwave Interactive’s MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising launches today. I guess there was a headstart program for those who pre-ordered, but I haven’t heard much about what’s going on. I kind of liked G&H back when Perpetual Entertainment was developing it, […]

I mentioned signing up for GameFly last week, and the first game they sent me was Crysis 2 for the PS3. It arrived Thursday when I was tormenting myself with an overnight rental of Duke Nukem Forever. That was OK since it meant I’d have a weekend to get a […]

Redbox debuted their game rental service last night (today is the official debut but some games showed up yesterday) and I wanted to do a post about it for ITworld, so I needed to test the service. Problem is, I’m in the middle of Infamous 2 and just received Crysis […]

Once again I’m riffing off other blogger’s titles. This time Moxie’s. So I’ve kind of organically slid into a break from MMOs. I’m down to logging into Rift about once every two weeks at this point, generally with Angela who is still dabbling. Otherwise I’ve been playing single-player games. I […]

Honestly I’m not a fan of Gamefly. It feels too expensive and in the past the service has been really slow for me. But I had a ‘secret code’ to get two months for the price of one (click the joystick at the top right corner and enter code “Confirmed” […]

The downside of E3 is that trying to keep up with all the news can really cut into your gaming time, so between that (and a random sidetrack into Farcry 2 on the Xbox) I’m only 11% of the way through Infamous 2 after my first weekend with the game. […]

During a “hand’s on” demo of Fable: The Journey for G4 TV, Peter Molyneux made a point of saying that Fable: The Journey isn’t Fable IV. I’m going to paraphrase, but essentially he said The Journey is a kind of side-story, and was created because Microsoft asked Lionhead to come […]

There were a hell of a lot of games at E3, and the big names got plenty of coverage. I like to poke around the virtual corners of game coverage and uncover interesting looking titles that didn’t get a huge amount of coverage. Storm is one of those titles. All […]

Even though I’m a million years old, I can still remember being a little kid at Christmas when the world was full of possibilities. Back then we’d get the Sears Wish Book which was full of toys and games, and leaf through it and daydream. I knew a lot of […]