Crysis 2 completed

I’m a few days late with this…been a busy week. But I finished the single player campaign of Crysis 2 Monday night. The stat-tracker in-game says it took me 14 hours, but of course that doesn’t count all the ‘lost’ time that resulted from death and being set back to a checkpoint.

I played on, I guess, ‘normal’ difficulty (2nd of 4 levels) and favored being stealthy and sneaking around for quiet kills. It took me 10 days of calendar time to get through the game. By contrast, a friend at work picked the game up on Thursday and also finished Monday, and he was away for 1 day of the weekend! So for him it was 4 days of calendar time. Which just illustrates that game length means different things to different people, I guess. I have a girlfriend, 2 jobs, and a dog. My friend lives alone, has 1 job and a cat (who doesn’t need walking). He also plays a lot more shooters than I do so was probably more efficient during the time he was playing.

Anyway… Crysis 2: I really enjoyed it. I sent it back to Gamefly today with a bit of regret, and I can imagine buying a copy on sale at some point in the future. It’d be fun to go back and chase collectible objectives and try the game on harder difficulty levels. In fact in some ways I think I might enjoy it more on a replay since I wouldn’t be so focused on story and could relax and enjoy killing alien scum 🙂 (there were a few levels where I basically stealthed past many bad guys just to get to the next checkpoint so I could see what happened next).

I played some DungeonSiege III last weekend, too, and I suspect I’m liking it more than most people. It’ll probably be the next game I focus on.

So far, the urge to go back to MMOs hasn’t returned. Watching all the fuss about CCP’s cash shop (I guess that’s what it was all about) really reinforced my love for single player gaming. I know if I was caught up in EVE last week I would’ve probably been just as upset as everyone else, and who needs that kind of stress?

3 thoughts on “Crysis 2 completed

  1. So happy you liked it!

    I keep thinking about playing through it again. The only FPS that I’ve ever played through multiple times is Half-Life (1 and 2) so that’s saying something about the game. =D

  2. Somehow I never took you as a shooter fan. So if you say Crysis 2 is good then you’ve convinced me that I must buy it at some point. I too am enjoying Dungeon Siege 3 but on the PC. It’s not perfect but it looks great and the different characters are fun to play.

  3. I’m actually not a huge shooter fan, normally. So I don’t know if the means Crysis 2 is great and everyone will enjoy it, or if it’s a weird shooter that only non-shooter fans are going to like. 🙂

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