A dip into Champions Online: Free For All

Last night my buddy Eric (who you may know as BlamefulGecko) dragged me out of my self-imposed MMO exile and into Champions Online.

This isn’t the first time I played CO; I played at launch and even have a Lifetime Membership. But as with so many other MMOs I eventually lost interest and moved on to something else. According to the character select screen, it’d been 169 days since I last played my characters and if I recall correctly that was a 1 time log in during a welcome back week or something. Really it’s been since a few months after launch since I seriously played. (I still have my “Hall of Champions” listed over to the right, with some origin stories.)

Eric wanted to show me the new Episodes that Cryptic has been adding (similar to what they’ve done with Star Trek Online) so we did the first one. I probably didn’t get as much out of it as I should have, since I was feeling really clumsy and focused more on how to play than what was going on, but Eric did a great job of narrating the storyline as we played. It was a ton of fun!

Afterwards, Eric put on a fashion show of sorts, showing me his different characters and all the crazy-awesome costumes he’s created for them, including a lot of splashy bits that he’s either earned through playing or bought at the C-Store.

I found myself trying to remember why I’d stopped playing; I really enjoyed my visit to this comic book world. I might have to roll a new character to take through the tutorials and get my bearings that way, though. I’ve got unused points to spend, bags full of junk that I have no idea what to do with, and I was halfway through our play session before I remembered some powers work for as long as you hold down a key (and Eric had to remind me that you could ‘charge’ your travel power).

Everything old is new again, I guess. Thanks Eric!

One thought on “A dip into Champions Online: Free For All

  1. I’ll comment here instead of G+ since I don’t know your preference 🙂

    I really enjoy Champions. After being bored to tears with CoH (got it at launch and can only stand playing a few days every few years so my hero is still less than level 10) I never thought I’d care for Champs either but I like the fast combat and the more varied environments.

    None of the Twitter Heroes (we really need a witty name to make a SuperGroup…) seem to be playing this summer so I’ve just been soloing the Comic Series but I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit.

    These days I have such little emotional investment (or whatever you want to call it) I pretty much ignore that CO or STO are even MMOs at all; I just treat them as solo with optional multi-player games and call it a day.

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