Fable: The Journey isn’t Fable IV

During a “hand’s on” demo of Fable: The Journey for G4 TV, Peter Molyneux made a point of saying that Fable: The Journey isn’t Fable IV. I’m going to paraphrase, but essentially he said The Journey is a kind of side-story, and was created because Microsoft asked Lionhead to come up with a ‘core game’ for Kinect. The Journey is about a Wanderer, but, Molyneux said, Fable 1, 2, 3 & 4 are about the Hero. Yes, he absolutely mentioned Fable 4 when he was saying this (though he may have not used “hero” to describe the main character..I’m doing this from memory).

No other details in Fable 4 yet, though.

He also assured the G4 audience that The Journey isn’t on rails but they restricted the press conference demo just to reduce the possibility of something going wrong. We’ll see. The magic system looked more interesting when we got a longer look at it with Molyneux explaining what was going on. My favorite part was when the player “extruded” a spear from mana and then hurled it at an enemy.

It was enough to at least put Fable: The Journey on my personal watch list, assuming the Nyko Zoom actually makes Kinect able to work in our living room.