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So I think I’ve found the secret to Warhammer. Log in with absolutely no expectations. Last night I had an hour or so before bed so I logged in just to bash about a bit, knock off some solo PvE quests or whatever. And I did that, then headed to […]

Is anyone else wondering what the heck is going on at Sony’s Entertainment Division? The past few weeks have seen one mistake after another: SOCOM: Confrontation (an online only game) launched with the servers not working at all well. This is secondhand info but I read enough reports about the […]

Everyone else has blogged about this too, but when I was getting ready to write my daily lunch-hour post I was drawing a complete blank. So I’m taking the easy way out. We are pleased to announce that in the coming days we will be offering Free Character Transfers from […]

I jumped back into this again, just for a few moments. Which turned into an hour and a half. Servers are up finally, and load times are way way down, so as I suspected in my last post it looks like the game was phoning home for some reason and […]

Rick and I have been having a bit of a (civil) brawl over at his blog. The topic is PvE in Warhammer. The nice thing about a back and forth with a smart, lucid guy like Rick is that it gets you to thinking. My basic “problem” with PvE right […]

Amazon finally delivered my copy of LittleBigPlanet today. I only got an hour or so with it, so the usual huge caveats apply…this isn’t a review or even an in-depth first look. Bad stuff first: the online servers are borked. Trying to upload a high score (which happens automatically) fails, […]

In a way, I blame this all on my dog. If he hadn’t found that treasure chest with the ring in it, none of this would ever have happened. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Things were going swimmingly in my new-found career as adventurer/wood chopper. I’d met up with […]

So yesterday, not 12 hours after I posted a long, whiny, whinge-filled post, I logged back into Warhammer, and had a blast. Somewhat paradoxically, this only confirms the points I made earlier in the day. The game hadn’t changed in 12 hours. I hadn’t changed. What changed was the server […]

Empire in Chaos by Anthony Reynolds is a Warhammer novel written specifically to go along with Warhammer Online. It follows the trip of a motley band of adventurers from point A to point B where they encounter a battle. If that sounds dull, well, you’re right. While there’s some fun […]

Since my last post was exceptionally whiny even for me, and a typical Pete Wall Of Text, I figured I’d summarize: Warhammer is primarily an RvR game When the game is firing on all cylinders, it is amazingly fun Whether or not it is firing on all cylinders is totally […]