Character Transfers incoming to Warhammer

Everyone else has blogged about this too, but when I was getting ready to write my daily lunch-hour post I was drawing a complete blank. So I’m taking the easy way out.

We are pleased to announce that in the coming days we will be offering Free Character Transfers from our servers with lower populations to a set of servers with higher populations. To help you better prepare for these transfers we have provided additional details below.

Casualties of War’s Destruction side is on one of the servers that is currently tagged as a ‘Source’ server, so they need to decide if they’re going to move. My Destruction characters are on one of the servers tagged as a “Destination” server, so that’s good news for me. More warm bodies to wreak havoc with. CoW won’t be moving to ‘my’ server though as they’re on a Core Server and I’m on an RP one.

I’m glad they’re not letting people cross server-type lines in the transfer. There actually is RP on my RP server…not big elaborate stuff, but on a small, on-going scale, and its fun.

I’m still on the fence about what to do at the end of this Warhammer Month (the 18th of November, iirc). I enjoy the game when I play it lightly. When I start playing it a lot, the frustration builds. But do I want to spend $15/month for an MMO I’m going to play lightly? On the other hand, I still am somewhat confident that Mythic will continue to improve things (slightly less so after results I’m hearing about this Witching Hour event). And on the third hand, I don’t want to break my ties with CoW.

A perfect solution for me would be a Lifetime Subscription offer. That I’d snap up and then be able to relax and enjoy Warhammer when I’m in the mood for it without that nagging feeling of “I *should* be playing this game more since I’m paying for it.” That’s the route I took with LOTRO and I’m really, really content with that decision.

I’ve got a few weeks to decide what to do. But I have both LOTRO and EQ2 expansions pre-ordered. Maybe I’ll let Moria languish for a while and play EQ2 and WAR together for a month or two, then dive into Moria.

3 thoughts on “Character Transfers incoming to Warhammer

  1. I’ve had that feeling a lot this year. Tying to play through the stack of unplayed xbox 360 and pc games and having a couple MMO subs as well really sucked.

  2. In terms of CoW, Pete, you wouldn’t be “breaking anything”.

    In fact, we’ve long been of the mind that there’s a revolving door policy. Hell, if you’ve got the cohones, set up a Casualties of LotRO guild. I’m sure we could generate interest for it, maybe not a ton, but enough.

    The thing is, we don’t want to focus on multi-gaming until after a few months of getting settled in WAR. So while I urge you to play WAR (simply because it’s my current favorite and therefore it must be awesome without doubt), don’t feel like you have to stay to remain family with CoW.

    It won’t be long before we have branches in other games, right alongside WAR.

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