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— March 2005 Archive —

Xbox pull confirmed at retail and by publishers SPOnG has received emails that indicate a complete withdrawal of Xbox hardware in the coming months, with claims surfacing today of a total end to generation one Xbox production. Haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere yet…

Thanks to Vidgamer for pointing this out. Kai is free software that lets you play ‘system link’ Xbox, Gamecube, PS2 or PSP games over the internet. It runs on Windows. Mac OS X users will also need Amaryllis (and an Airport Extreme for PSP gaming). Amaryllis is also free but […]

Geek lust has never been so intense. I’m still in the futzin’ phase. I’ve played some Ridge Racer (which is awesome) including wireless head-to-head from a good 100 feet apart. Mostly I’ve just been gawking at the thing and caressing it lovingly… er. Ahem. Did I say that out loud? […]

Stole this link from Gamespy, but it’s worth passing around: Lego Recharging/Storage Station for Nintendo DS I mean seriously, its geeky, goofy, and yet, practical. Sheer brilliance.

Though sadly, “here” right now is the office. So my shiny new PSP sits on my desk, charging its battery and batting its eyelashes at me. Its a seductive little beastie with a ton of buttons jacks, and hidden panels. I DID get a chance to pop in the Spiderman […]

So tomorrow is the big day. Stores are opening at 8 am to sell the PSP. Of course, here in eastern Ma. we’re supposed to get a pretty big snowstorm. Um, I thought it was spring now? Well anyway… I wonder if that’ll have any impact on launch day. For […]

I’m trying out a new spam fighting plug-in. I know y’all don’t see any spam but that’s because I have to delete it. Does anyone suck more than blog spammers? Leeches. Vile, slimey denizens clinging to the asshole of the internet… may they all rot in hell… Come back next […]

NY Times has an article about drugs starting to appear in videogames. Read that first… My initial reaction to these games was 100% negative but the more I think about it… I mean, they have a point that a ton of games have some kind of ‘power-up’ that enhances performance […]

Apple Computer backs Blu-ray DVD technology Regular readers of this blog (if there are any) know that I’m pulling for Blu-Ray in the next generation DVD format wars, so this is great news to me!

Will Wright (y’know, the dude who created SimCity and The Sims) has announced his next game, Spore. Ambitious, to say the least. Read about it here: Spore PC Preview from 1UP.COM