So tomorrow is the big day. Stores are opening at 8 am to sell the PSP. Of course, here in eastern Ma. we’re supposed to get a pretty big snowstorm. Um, I thought it was spring now? Well anyway…

I wonder if that’ll have any impact on launch day. For once I won’t be looking out at the snow and thinking “Maybe I can justify not going to the office today” (since I reserved my PSP at an EB near my office). But why couldn’t the storm have come on FRIDAY so I could’ve stayed home to play with my new toy.

I’ve also got deposits down on Metal Gear Acid, Untold Legends, and Ridge Racer. And I’m hearing enough good about the puzzle game Lumines that I might pick it up too.

In other gaming news, The Matrix Online should have hit stores today. I played a bit of the beta and have been playing during the ‘pre-order’ phase and its pretty compelling. There’re some visual glitches where fighting doesn’t seem to work right, but as far as I can tell its just visual and the numbers behind the combat are flowing nicely.

I was seriously lukewarm about The Matrix Online until just recently; the guys at Monolith really pulled things together in a big way just in the past couple of months. It’s like a totally different game from what was out there earlier in the beta…

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