Though sadly, “here” right now is the office. So my shiny new PSP sits on my desk, charging its battery and batting its eyelashes at me. Its a seductive little beastie with a ton of buttons jacks, and hidden panels. I DID get a chance to pop in the Spiderman 2 movie and flash it around the office, prompting one co-worker to don his coat and run out to Best Buy to get one before they were all gone.

Now I have to sit here until 6:00 pm before I can actually PLAY with the damned thing, but overall I’m pumped. The resolution of the screen is amazing. The whole unit is a little smaller than I thought it would be, while the screen is actually bigger than I thought it would be…

Tonight I’ll mess around with moving some MP3s or video onto it (I splurged on a half-gig memory card). Oh, and check out the games, of course. 🙂