PSP initial reactions

Geek lust has never been so intense. I’m still in the futzin’ phase. I’ve played some Ridge Racer (which is awesome) including wireless head-to-head from a good 100 feet apart. Mostly I’ve just been gawking at the thing and caressing it lovingly… er. Ahem. Did I say that out loud?

I’m reading a lot of talk about bad pixels. I’ve seen 3 purchased units running so far, and haven’t found a bad pixel yet.

I do have one small gripe and that’s with wireless connectivity. I was trying to hook into my Apple wireless network and ran into some minor problems. First, I was using WPA and the PSP can only do WEP. So I change over to 128 bit WEP, enter the password in the PSP and it grumbles that passwords have to be 5 or 13 characters long (for 40 and 128 bit, presumably). That might always be the case with WEP…I’ve never used it before. It looked like the actual wireless base station ‘padded’ my too-short password in fact. I reset the password, padding it to 13 characters myself, and entered the padded password on the PSP, and all was well.

Oh, and I also think they should include a USB cable.

Other than that, everything is rocking for me so far…