Quick Warning about Feed Informer

Last August I shared my latest blogroll solution using Feed Informer. I’m still using it, but I had noticed fewer posts popping up. I figured it was a natural post-Blaugust tapering off of new posts.

Then today I wanted to re-visit a post I’d read (via my RSS reader) from Chasing Dings and noticed that the post wasn’t in my blog roll. Long story short, I logged into Feed Informer and a BUNCH of feeds had been disabled due to failed retrieval attempts. It was a simple enough thing to re-enable them but until I took the time to look I didn’t realize they’d been disabled. It’d be nice if Feed Informer would send a notification when it disables a feed but I guess for a free service one can’t be too picky.

Anyway that’s it. If you happen to use Feed Informer maybe log in and check your sources every so often to be sure they’re still enabled.

One thought on “Quick Warning about Feed Informer

  1. Yikes! Wonder what happened? There was a couple of hour period where a rogue plugin I’d enabled took my site offline; I bet that’s when that happened. Thankfully someone told me about it quickly.

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