Follow up: Sword of the Stars: The Pit – Stats and Skills

the_pit_skillsI just wanted to follow up on something I got completely wrong on my last post about Sword of the Stars: The Pit.

I griped about not knowing what statistic impacts which skills. I was looking for some kind of textual pop-up menu or something to explain this to me, but developer Kerberos Productions reached out to me on Twitter to point out I wasn’t seeing what was right in front of my face. Stats and skills each have an icon that indicates how they’re connected. I’ve highlighted the column of icons in this screenshot.

Turns out I was way off! Next time I dive into The Pit I’ll be better prepared!

Thanks to Kerberos for the help.

Once again, you can get The Pit for $8.99 at GamersGate or download the demo from the game’s website.

One thought on “Follow up: Sword of the Stars: The Pit – Stats and Skills

  1. You know, that still doesn’t tell you what any of it actually means. What it does tell you is that the relationships between the skills and stats are counterintuitive, but hey, at least we have some easily-missed icons to help us out on that score.

    I know opacity is a staple of roguelikes, but that’s not actually a good thing, guys.

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