Day 1 of Dragon Age: Origins

Last night was all about computer problems and then getting Dragon Age downloaded, unlocked, messing with DLC issues and so on. I barely played.

Tonight was different. Tonight I finally got a chance to really take a small bite out of Dragon Age: Origins. And I’m loving what I’ve seen so far.

Honestly at the low levels I’m at, combat is very simple. I’m sure it’ll get more interesting later on. But with no real Skills yet, I just pick who everyone is going to attack then sit back and watch.

And I turned off Persistent Gore because it was so silly. I’m playing the Noble origin and early on you have to kill some rats (what else?!) and in so doing you get totally covered in blood. Then moments later you have an encounter with some family members and visiting nobles, and there you stand, blood spatters across your face, chatting up some lady in waiting. It was just silly. Toggling off Persistent Gore means the battles are still bloody but afterwards your party takes a moment to clean up a bit. 🙂

What I’m *really* enjoying is the lore that I’m uncovering. I’m so glad I read the novels first because I keep meeting people that were in the books. In fact Duncan, leader of the Grey Wardens, is a newly annointed Grey Warden in The Calling. I’m playing slowly and reading all the codex entries and exploring everywhere I’m able to explore.

It’s been a long time since I played a single player RPG like this one, and I’m actually finding the solo aspect somewhat freeing. I’m not in any hurry to “level up” or anything. Just drinking it all in and having a blast.

Mind you, all told I probably have 2 hours into the game so far, so everything could change. But for right now I’m really enjoying myself. I can’t wait for the weekend when I can just sit down and play for hours straight!

Meeting the neighbors

5 thoughts on “Day 1 of Dragon Age: Origins

  1. It’s obvious from the outset that Bioware spent alot of time creating this world. I really wish I had spent the time to read the books before playing.

    And good idea about turning off the gore, there’s just too much blood with out loss of body parts for my taste.

  2. This one grabs you by the (whatevers) and does not let go. Man, forgot how much fun single player RPG’s can be.

  3. Yeah, the combat in the intro (origin story + joining the Gray Wardens) does not prepare you for the real combat. I breezed through 3 different origin stories and joining without ever losing anyone (maybe 1 redshirt fell once and came back with a broken body part). I was feeling pretty good. Then in the first real fight after the Joining (at the tower shown in the Giant Bomb video) I had everyone knocked out except my main character. That was just the yard trash! Holy moly man!

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