Dragon Age Do-over

Well after a lot of consideration I decided to restart Dragon Age, replacing my Human/Noble/Warrior with a Human/Noble/Rogue. “Gillain” is a character I created over 20 years ago. He’s a fairly typical charming rogue. Not an outright thief but not above conning a rich man out of his coin. A bit Robin Hoodish, I guess. And he fights with dual weapons. Long ago it was dual axes but these days it’s dual anything. So I created him in Dragon Age tonight.

My first character was a Dual-Wielding Warrior, and I dunno… it just seemed silly to not go sword and board with a warrior, but I love the idea of a whirling dervish of twin bladed death /hyperbole.

I did learn the bonus/dlc rings and things appear for every character, so that was good news.

I thought I’d just whip through the opening moments of the game and catch up, but once again I got engrossed with talking to people and (re)reading the codex. The conversations were different enough to be interesting a second time through.

If you play a Noble, at least the Warrior or Rogue, your first quest is to go talk to your brother, who is saying goodbye to his wife and son (he’s headed out on campaign). Once you find him and do the ‘forced’ conversation, be sure to talk to his son before you leave the room. The kid is a hoot!

And here was a surprise. I was messing with Tactics and just seeing how my party would fight based on my limited understanding of the Tactics system and… my party wiped! Mind you I had a ton of poultices, I just wasn’t paying attention. But the Warrior waltzed through those early encounters on auto-pilot. So either the Rogue is a lot squishier, or my tactics were horribly broken. 🙂

I continue to be amused (and at times slightly disappointed) by the amount of gore in the game. Here is me and my trusty hound Milo after we killed a few rats. Lots of blood in rats, apparently!


6 thoughts on “Dragon Age Do-over

  1. I decided to try warrior with dual wield just so I could combine my favorite fighting style with use of the Blood Dragon Armor. 🙂 Just started using it, and my character is quite a lot less prone to dying now, even if every fight is still a battle to the death.

  2. I noticed the squishiness as well. I originally made a sword and board warrior, but wanted to try a ranged class, so I made a rogue I planned on spec’ing into archery. Never made it that far. I died so much, even with Alistair spec’d to be a tank. So I went dual wield warrior and I’m loving it. Once you figure out the best order for tactics for people like your healers *cough* things get a bit easier as well.

  3. Wow, they could turn down the gore a tad… So looking forward to this, too bad the local release has been delayed to 9th November due to some logistical delay 🙁

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