I’m shamelessly ripping off Ysh’s idea and format; I was going to comment on her post but I didn’t want to write a book-length comment.

So here’re the series recordings set up on our DVR.

Monday Night

Heroes — We still like this show and are puzzled by how many people don’t. Watching Hiro and Ando alone is worth it for me. And is Noah Bennett a good guy or a bad guy? What about Angela Petrolli? There’re enough mysteries and likable (and love-to-hate-able) characters to keep us tuning in.

The Big Bang Theory — Probably the single favorite show on the list. We laugh so hard that at times we have to hit the pause button to compose ourselves.

House — Had to buy a season pass from Amazon Video-on-Demand since its on at the same time as Heroes and Big Bang Theory. I’m interested to see how they portray life on the inside of a mental hospital.

Castle — I’m a huge Nathan Fillion fan. And the lady cop is strong enough to face off against him. Great show.

Tuesday Night

The Biggest Loser — Mostly watch this as a way to guilt myself into eating better and exercising more. It’s amazing what the human body is capable of, both good and bad.

Warehouse 13 — I forgot this one, now I’m coming back to add it. Fun cast, weird steampunk vibe. The titular Warehouse holds thousands of artifacts that hold weird special powers. Like Lewis Carroll’s Looking Glass or Tesla’s overcoat. Really fun show.

Wednesday Night

So You Think You Can Dance — It took Angela quite a while to get me to sit down and watch this show, since I thought it was all about street-dancing. I was totally wrong about that, and now I’m caught up in it. Some really great performances once the season gets cooking (auditions aren’t as interesting). And of course, hot girls and skimpy outfits is never a bad thing.

Glee — I can’t describe this in a way that’ll convince anyone to watch it. It’s about a High School Glee Club. And it’s awesome. Just try it.

Ghost Hunters — Can’t miss this one. I’m a firm believer in the paranormal, taken literally. I’m not saying a ‘ghost’ is the spirit of a dead person (nor am I saying it isn’t) but I’m saying there’s some under-explained energy sources floating around out there. Watching this troupe chase them down is fun, since I get a kick out of the team.

Destination Truth — Joshua Gates is a funny guy. I don’t ever expect him to find any of these creatures he’s hunting for, but I love watching him and his team heading to these remote places on a shoe-string budget. There’re some weird beliefs out there.

Thursday Night

Fringe — Season 1 was awesome with a great twist at the end. John Noble as Walter Bishop is brilliant. Creepy cases, weird happenings. Sign me up!

Friday Night

Stargate Universe — We’ll see. I’ve never been able to get into SG-1, but I loved Stargate Atlantis. So let’s see how this one goes.

Sanctuary — Love Amanda Tapping in this show. It’s kind of out there, but fun.

Saturday Night

Robin Hood — The last season of the BBC series. It’s a great Saturday night show. Not very deep, but fun to watch.

Sunday Night

Masterpiece — PBS wrapped Masterpiece Theater, Mystery and one other show into one rotating package composed of Masterpiece Classics, Masterpiece Mystery and Masterpiece Contemporary (I think?). Anyway, whatever they put on, I watch.

Then there’s new stuff that I’m not yet sure I’ll be able to fit in:

FastForward — I don’t know how they’ll keep this going, but I’m guessing it’ll be a good ride for a few weeks. Everyone on earth passes out for a couple of minutes and while passed out they all get a glimpse of the future. What happens next? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Eastwick — Probably will suck, but I enjoyed the book, kind of enjoyed the movie. So we’ll see.

Cougar Town — Everyone needs a guilty pleasure. They had me at Courtney Cox in her underwear.

New Adventures of Old Christine — I hope this one is returning. Julia Louise Dreyfus, with Wanda Sykes as a wise-cracking sidekick, is irreverent and funny as hell. Not a lot of people I know watch this but it’s brilliant.

Rules of Engagement — Not sure if this one is coming back either. Cast is composed of 1 married couple (Patrick Warburton, who I always love, and Meghan Price, ditto), an engaged couple (I don’t know who the actors are, sorry) and the aging bachelor (David Spade). Happily Spade is more the butt of jokes than anything, or else he’d ruin it. 3 ways of looking at relationships wrapped up in a 30-minute sitcom. Good stuff.

Whew! I’m sure I missed something, but that’s a long enough list.

6 thoughts on “TV!

  1. Heh, some stuff on your list that I couldn’t be arsed to put in mine, since it was getting long already, like Masterpiece (though every time I see that I also think of Alistair Cookie’s Monsterpiece Theater :D).

    Heroes — the characters you name are the only ones I like. Sadly, there’s too much freaking Mary Jane the Serial Killer Syler, the poor cheerleader girl is written differently from one week to the next (as are her father and uncle), and the plot twists are, for me, far too artificial — they come about because the writers wanted to put in cool plot twists and not because of what the characters do or who the characters are. Sometimes those are so blatantly *opposed* to how they’ve portrayed a character that I’ve just given up on it in disgust. Yes, I am a plot nazi. 😀

    Castle… am waiting to see if it gels for me. Like him, not so much her — she was weak and mostly just for show in the first season’s first few episodes. I think it lost out to something else it was head-to-head with at the time.

    Glee is another show I meant to catch and failed to — and I think it may be another one that lost out to something that was scheduled against it. (I haven’t mentioned that I have to tape the various WWE wrestling shows for Mort several times a week — this cramps our taping style. 😉 )

    And argh, Fringe. The pilot was (IMO as usual) god-awful, but someone (you?) told me it had improved and indeed, from the couple of episodes I watched at the end of last season, it had. I think that one is on the list to get out on DVD, or to tape if something it’s scheduled against fails to please.

    I’m just happy to be spoiled for choice. I’m sure a lot of what I plan to watch is going to fall by the wayside as the season wears on, but there’s still a lot to pick from.

  2. Warehouse 13 season ends this Tuesday. WIll not be back until late Spring at the earliest.

    What we watch:

    Curb Your Entusiasm
    (True Blood and Hung just ended their seasons)
    Big Bang
    Chopped (Food Network)
    The Office
    30 Rock
    Real Time w/ Bil Mahr
    The Legend of the Seeker

    Will be adding

    Flash Forward
    Stargate Universe
    Sanctuary (enjoyed MOST of the first season)

    And the delayed ones

    Day One

    Band of Brothers Pacific version in Spring

    Perhaps another one or two that strikes my fancy

    Already cut and run: Vampire Diaries. Its for teenage girls for sure but I did enjoy the first Twilite movie so something is missing

  3. I think House is the one returning show that I am most looking forward to. Glese is my favorite new show this fall season, I loved the pilot episode.

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  5. I’d add Supernatural!

    Love Castle and Glee, House, Fringe, and will prob watch Dollhouse. Heroes looks great this season, but we’ll see 🙂

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