PS3 haters are still out there

Full disclosure: I own a Sony PS3 (and an Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Wii, and a PC, and a Mac). Call me a fanboy if you will.

Today Syp put up a mocking post about Papa John’s Pizza getting a link on the PS3’s web browser’s default home page. He showed an ad for the service with the text:

Okay, this is sort of a redux of EverQuest 2’s infamous /pizza command, and it’s no less ridiculous than it was the first time. Who is so tethered to a game system and/or so ignorant of how a telephone works that they can’t order pizza without Sony’s assistance?

I’m trying to wrap my head around this comment. Syp doesn’t seem to object to people who are so tethered to their couch watching TV that they pick up a phone to order a pizza, or so tethered to a web browser on a PC that they order a pizza through it. But because the web browser happens to be on a device that plays games (y’know, like a PC does), then this becomes a ridiculous idea and anyone who uses it is ‘tethered to a game system and/or ignorant of how a phone works?’

Talk about hating with a very broad brush.

Or maybe he’s just hating because there’s an ad on the default home page?

Around our house, in addition to playing games on the PS3, watching blu-ray and dvd movies on the PS3, streaming video and music for our media server to the PS3, we also watch internet video on it (admittedly we did more of this before started blocking the PS3). So if we’re watching an episode of a show at NBC.Com and decide to order a pizza rather than cooking, we’re good if we get up and go to the PC in the other room and order it there, but if we open another window in the PS3’s browser and order it, we’re losers, apparently?

I avoid using the phone to order pizza because frankly there is often a language barrier between myself and the person on the other end of the line. When ordering online everything is clearly written/chosen from a menu. Credit card processed. It’s fast and accurate and I can even put the tip on the card, so all I need to do when the food is delivered is sign the credit card slip. I don’t see how its relevant what device the browser happens to be on… that’s the beauty of the web, isn’t it? That it’s more or less device agnostic?

Color me puzzled.

But I still love ya, Syp, even if you hate my beloved PS3!

6 thoughts on “PS3 haters are still out there

  1. Aww I love Father John, he does make delicious ‘zza.

    Think you’re reading a little too much into my comment, I just find cross-promotional stuff like that amusing, especially since it seems aimed at reinforcing Gamers = Fat Hungry Nerds stereotype.

  2. Me, reading too much into a comment?!

    That NEVER happens!

    Well maybe it does. But maybe you’re reading too much into the meaning of the promotion, too. It’s just an ad. Ads are everywhere!

    Anyway I have to go back to consoling (HA! I slay me!) my poor distraught PS3.

  3. We’d have a PS3 if it played PS2 games. I don’t have much against the system itself, just that it wouldn’t have much use, as we don’t have a big expensive TV (no hi-def) or any PS3 games. Valkyria Chronicles looks good, though.

  4. The was quite some talk a few months ago about considerations for alternate pricing schemes for SOE’s ‘The Agency’. One that was getting a lot of interest was in game advertising that then offset a small subscription fee. Being a modern , high tech spy universe something like that could work very well with that particular game.

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